Join Fabulous Challenges' trek to Petra in aid of Jo’s Trust with celebrity captains Amber Gill and Scarlett Moffatt

WE'RE not ones to let a small thing like a global pandemic get in our way, so Fabulous Challenges is back.

We have a new date for our trek to the beautiful ancient city of Petra in Jordan in aid of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – and you can join us! 

With the UK’s vaccination programme in full swing, participants should be fully jabbed before they take part in our adventure now on November 13-20, 2021.

And it also means you have lots of time to fundraise and train for the 47-mile hike.

If you bag a spot on the trek, you’ll take in the wonders of Jordan by journeying through deserts and valleys, before reaching the stunning city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The city is carved into rose-pink mountains and dates back to 300BC.

After the trek, you’ll get to float in the restorative waters of the Dead Sea, and you’ll even sleep under the stars in a traditional Bedouin campsite.

There will also be the chance to explore the culture of Amman. 

Joining us on the trek and cheering everyone on along the way will be team leaders, Love Island winner Amber Gill and TV presenter Scarlett Moffatt.

Since Fabulous Challenges launched in 2014, our annual treks have raised more than £1.2million for breast cancer charity CoppaFeel!

Now we are excited to have joined forces with cervical cancer charity Jo’s – and we can’t wait to see how much money we can all raise. 

Jo’s was founded 20 years ago by James Maxwell, whose wife Jo died of cervical cancer in 1999, aged 40.

The charity works to raise awareness of the disease, which affects 3,200 women in the UK every year.

And now it’s your turn to help – so are you in? 

‘I had a hysterectomy at 29 because of cervical cancer’

Stevie Davis, 31, a customer service manager, lives with her mum Deborah, 55, in Stroud.

“I was invited for my first smear test aged 24, but I put it off for about six months.

"I finally went in March 2014 and didn’t think much of it until I got a letter from the doctor a few weeks later, telling me that I had abnormal cells and would need a follow-up appointment. 

"I had LLETZ treatment to remove the abnormal cells a few weeks later, as well as a biopsy. Soon after, I got a letter calling me into hospital.

"There, I went into shock as the consultant told me and Mum that they’d found a tumour: I had cervical cancer.

"I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – I didn’t have any symptoms and I felt completely fine.

"I went into survival mode, asking about the practicalities of what would happen next, and I think it was actually Mum who was most upset.

"But once I got home, I began to process things properly. My mind was spinning and I felt very scared. 

I had a cone biopsy and a lymph node dissection, then had smear tests every three months, but they kept coming back as abnormal.

"By then I had pain in my abdomen and bleeding, and in August 2018, I was told I needed a hysterectomy.

"It was devastating, and although I was single at the time, I’d always wanted to have a baby.

"However, it was a no-brainer – I either kept my womb and got sicker, or I had it taken out so that I could get well. 

"I now have a 10in scar from the op, where they also had to remove my Fallopian tubes and ovaries.

"But I know that it was the right decision, and it meant that I could avoid having chemo and radiotherapy.

"Since then I’ve carried on having smear tests once a year.

It was a no-brainer – I either kept my womb and got sicker, or I had it taken out so that I could get well.

"I’ve still not got the all-clear, but I hope that I will in future as my body is still settling down after the op.

"Jo’s has been amazing throughout my journey and I know that they are there for me any time 

"I need them. I love reading about the experiences of other women Jo’s has helped – it’s made me realise that I’m not alone. 

"The charity does so much – not just for women with cervical cancer, but also their families.

"My dad Mark found it especially helpful, as he used Jo’s to help educate himself so that he could be there for me.

"He sadly passed away in May 2019, and we asked for donations to Jo’s at his funeral as the charity was so important to him. 

"I can’t wait to trek to Petra, though I’m worried I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, so I’ll be starting my training soon!

"Travelling is one of my favourite things to do and I’m so excited to experience Jordan in aid of such a fantastic charity.” 

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Visit to apply and for more info on the trek (including coronavirus measures).

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