Joseph Baena Sure Looks Like He's Spending Quarantine in the Gym

There may be a pandemic sweeping the globe right now, but gym day stops for nothing when your a descendant of Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a new Instagram photo, Schwarzenegger’s son, actor and bodybuilder Joseph Baena shows off his physique in a casual pose. Even without seriously flexing, you can see his defined shoulders, massive specs and bulging arms.

Yes, Baena is spending quarantine killing it at the gym. Are you even surprised?

In the photo, Baena appears to be on a rooftop surrounded by benches and weights. Unlike those of struggling to keep up gym routines at home, it looks like Baena has all he needs to stay in peak shape. I mean, he’s the son of Schwarzenegger. Why wouldn’t he?

Baena simply captioned the picture, “The ol mirror selfie selfie.”

As is the case with his father, Baena’s love for the gym runs deep. Back in October, the bodybuilder themed his 22 birthday party as “Joe’s Gym.” Baena also commonly documents his gym routine and hacks to his 158,000 Instagram followers.

Baena and his father made headlines in 2011 after Baena was discovered to be Schwarzengger’s secret “love child.” Baena’s startling resemblance to Schwarzenegger is what began suspicion of the infidelity. But even with a dramatic beginning to their father-son relationship, Baena and 72-year-old Schwarzenegger have since cultivated a close bond, especially with Baena pursuing a bodybuilding career.

Baena has previously called Schwarzenegger the “best training partner in the world”, and paid tribute to him earlier this month by perfectly recreating one of Schwarzenegger’s most iconic poses.

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The ol mirror selfie selfie

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