Joshua Vides Blasts Peacebird Over False Collaboration

SHANGHAI–LA-based artist Joshua Vides, known for his distinct black and white marker sketches, has taken to social media to blast Chinese brand Peacebird Men for what he said is a fraudulent collaboration.

On Thursday, Vides complained to his 179,000 followers on Instagram that Chinese fashion brand, Peacebird Men, had put his signature on a series of products that he had no part in creating, sharing photos and a video of a campaign bearing the Peacebird logo, his name, and the cartoon Rick and Morty. The video depicts a cartoon figure that signs the name “Joshua Vides”.

“I’ve worked so…hard to get to where I am today. Years of creating, failing, and trying my best to stay sane. Yet [Peacebird] continue to illegally produce and…attempt to recreate my products with my name on them without consent,” Vides wrote.

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“I didn’t design/produce any of this. Yet my signature is on all of it. @Peacbird @Peacebirdmen thinks that [they] can do whatever they want without repercussions.”

WWD has reached out to Peacebird for comment.

Peacebird Men is one of the main fashion lines produced by Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co, a major Chinese clothing distributor listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company started out with Peacebird Women in 1997 and has expanded to eight different lines. Peacebird Men alone has over 1,500 stores in the country, according to the firm’s official website.

While big brands copying ideas from smaller creatives is unfortunate, it is also rampant–social media has given birth to a wave of accounts solely dedicated to calling out bad behavior. In many of those cases, fashion intellectual property violations can be difficult to prove in court. However, in this case Vides’ signature is clearly depicted on the line.

Vides also shared what appears to be a screenshot of a conversation with the Peacebird Men official Instagram account.

Vides: “I’ve got about 50 photos from individuals, videos, emails and physical items with my name on them that you forged.”

The account replies “U mention money. Ok, how much do you need”

The artist is known for his graphic monochromatic style and has worked with big brands like Nike, Fendi, Converse, and Ballantine’s whisky and recently shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Joshua Vides in 2019 while working on a Fendi project. Courtesy

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