Love Island secrets the producers REALLY don’t want you to know – including the hidden place contestants go to have sex

WITH Love Island returning to screens next week with 11 new sizzling singles looking for love, excitement is gearing up. 

While previous series have caused shockwaves due the contestants demonstrating huge amounts of PDA, the 2021 series is set to be the most highly anticipated yet. 

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We’re ready for the ‘long, hot summer’ to get started and there’s a beauty queen, a semi-pro footballer and an inspirational PE teacher, who will all make their debut on Monday 28 June. 

And ITV2 bosses have promised "more texts, fire pit gatherings and challenges" with "lots of twists and turns along the way, with shock recouplings, unexpected splits and dramatic exits".

Ahead of the launch, we take a look at all the secrets behind the show the producers don’t want you to know including sneaky meals and the hidden place contestants go to have sex.


Islanders are provided with an unlimited amount of Love Island-branded condoms – there are reportedly over 200 scattered all over the house. 

Before appearing on Love Island, contestants must also pass an STI test.

An insider previously told The Sun: “Bosses are doing the responsible thing by making sure everyone who goes in has a clean bill of health.

“If someone was found to have an STI, and there wasn’t enough time for it to be treated, they’d be out.”

Last series’ winner Finley Tapp even confessed he’d stolen some condoms to use with his girlfriend Paige Turley after the show!

The Islanders can request more whenever they want – and bosses are keen they use them.


And while there’s many couples who had no qualms about having sex on screen during past series, recent series have been accused of being ‘sexless’.

But this is because the late-night romps have been scrapped from screens to avoid embarrassing Islanders in the future.

However, those that have had sex on TV revealed there’s some secrets to the scandalous romping. 

Ex Love Island contestants Siannise Fudge and Luke Trotman previously claimed contestants are given sex toys in the hideaway to spice up their sleepovers.

Siannese said: "In the hideaway. Oh my gosh that was so scary wasn't it."

Luke added: "Yeah, it's like silent and then camera, camera, camera, camera and then this red bed with loads of sex toys on it."

Meanwhile Love Island winners Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies revealed they were "challenged" by the show bosses to have sex in as many places as possible.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Amber said: "They jokingly set us a challenge to try and have sex in as many places as possible, but we didn't want to do that. They were incredible, though.”

And the pair tried to get as adventurous as possible by having sex under an inflatable! 


2019 Islander Anton Danyluk confessed he enjoyed a few sneaky McDonalds here and there – while taking part in the ITV2 dating show. 

He revealed he was getting McFlurries delivered by producers on a weekly basis.

He told Heat magazine: “We needed that. We really did. I think it was about once a week we were getting them. I had a few chicken nuggets here and there.”

The Islanders have to make their own breakfast every morning, but lunch and dinner are a different matter – and Series three star Olivia Attwood revealed that it’s actually quite boring.  

Exclusively speaking to The Sun, she explained: “We eat with the producers but it runs like a boarding school.

“When we have dinner, it's like them telling us we need to clean the bedroom, that laundry day is tomorrow and asking us what we want for our breakfast the next day, all just things that make the house run smoothly.

“So it's nothing really exciting. It's quite mundane stuff!”


Previous contestants have revealed that every moment of their time in the villa is caught on camera. 

When we watch the show, we can see there’s cameras everywhere – and we know the footage gets fed back to an army of producers manning the control room. 

But there’s plenty of cameras hidden around the pool too and filming continues for 24 hours a day so nothing is missed.

Reports suggest there are a whopping 70 cameras in total and bosses expect to capture 1300 hours of footage during each series.


According to contestant Kem Cetinay, who won the show in 2017, the reason Love Island doesn’t air on a Saturday is so that the cast can “get a day off”.

He previously admitted said they would head to the beach and have a day out – so that the cleaners could come in and tidy up the villa – while the contestants were out of the way. 

"They get one day off a week," he previously said on This Morning. 

"What happens is it gives them a day to clean the villa and you take your mics off and normally we go to the beach and we just chillout.” 


During the first few seasons of Love Island, the renowned smoking area was the place to be for hot goss. 

But after facing backlash and complaints over the heavy exposure of smoking stars, in 2018 bosses banned the showing of smoking on-screens. 

But that’s not to say the smoking islanders still don’t get a cigarette break. 

There’s now a designated smoking area at the front of the villa, and Islanders must go out for fags separately and one at a time.

2020 contestant Shaughna Phillips took to Twitter, revealing the new rules: “You try going for a fag break in there, would be easier and quicker to harvest the tobacco myself.” 


During the series, the Love Island girls are secretly allowed to pop out to get their hair and make-up done – despite viewers thinking they just stay in the villa the whole time.

So it looks like producers are willing to bend the rules, so that the girls can stay feeling fabulous.

Ex-Islander Georgia Steel – who was in series four – previously told Heart: "The girls needed the hair and nails done, we needed our hair cut, so they had to schedule that.

"We were given a day where everyone could do everything, but it wasn’t treated like a day off."


The bosses of the show ensure there are no clocks in the villa, so the Islanders never have any idea what time it is.

23-year-old Scot Paige Turley, who won the winter version of the show with boyfriend Finn Tapp, 21, confessed she had no idea of the time when in the villa.

She said: “It's long days and you’ve got to get everybody’s story within that hour. 

"We never really knew the time, we thought we could tell during the day because of the sun but at nighttime it was just a guessing game."


We're used to hearing the now-iconic "I've got a text!" – however the messages are always on Love Island handed-out phones.

The Islanders’ ‘real’ phones are taken away from them when they are isolating before entering the show. 

Liana Isadora Van-Riel, who was on the 2016 show, told The Sun Online: "You're completely cut off.”

"They give you these basic little phones where you can text each other but nobody really uses them, they're only really there for the whole 'I've got a text' aspect."

Ex-islander Adam Collard also revealed that the contestants grilled newbies for information every time a new bombshell entered the villa.

He told Heart FM: “Nobody is aware of anything, The only information you get is when there is a new bombshell or a new islander coming into the house and then you start quizzing them.

“We’re not supposed to ask, but when Sam Bird came into the house we pestered the life out of him and then he told us the England score for the first game, and then the girls in Casa Amor told us the second score.” 

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