‘Ludicrous’ hairdresser sparks outrage by banning customers who HAVE had the Covid vaccine

A HAIRDRESSER has sparked outrage by banning customers who HAVE had the coronavirus vaccine.

Yazmina Jade Adler, from Australia, is not accepting vaccinated customers as she falsely claims they can infect others attending the salon. 

Yazmina previously made headlines in 2019 after claiming she relieved her severe period pain by running menstrual blood on her face.

Now the Gold Coast business owner's decision to ban coronavirus vaccine recipients from her Palm Beach salon has been met by outrage.

Experts say it is scientifically impossible for Covid-19 vaccines to cause illness in unjabbed people as they contain no live virus or any other infectious material that can pass from person to person.

Yazmina told 9News: "It doesn't really make sense, I guess a lot of people will question that, [but] it is like anything, like the disease or virus, it is spreading [jab particles] somehow and women are reporting side effects when they haven't had the vaccine."

She announced the new rule over Khemia HI vibe frequency salon's social media pages on Monday, stating: "We are not your hairdresser if you have had the Covid vax.

“Heres why – The unknown health effects of the mRNA vaccine are not covered by our public liability insurance.

“We also have to take into consideration the 1000s of reported side effects this shot has shown so far.

“Such as – Unusual signs and symptoms Within the Menstrual cycle, such as heavy bleeding, flooding, clotting and sporting at times in the cycle when its not normal to do so, Seizures, blood clotting, bruising within the legs and so on.

“We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience to you. However the safety of our staff and existing clients is our priority.”

She then went on to explain that her company will re-evaluate their policy when “clinical trials of the experimental injection are completed in 2023”.

Associate professor Menno van Zelm from Monash University's Department of Immunology and Pathology agreed, saying that there are 'no credible reports' that vaccinated people can make other people ill.

Dr van Zelm said: "For one, Covid-19 vaccines do not contain the virus nor any other infectious agent that is contagious.”

But social media users blasted her for making that decision. 

One Facebook user said: “I find your business decision ludicrous!! I’m a hairdresser and if anything I’d rather my clients were vaccinated, but it’s a personal decision and I won’t discriminate!"

More challenged her decision: "So just to confirm that the essential health workers, first responders and those working the front line in health that have to get this vaccine are not welcome in your salon?"

Previously, Yazmina – who calls herself a ‘blood witch’ – claimed she got rid of hellish menstrual cramps by smearing period blood on her face to ‘anoint her third eye’

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