Make your home warmer this winter without spending money – from a tin foil trick to putting bubble wrap on your windows

WITH the UK in the midst of winter the temperature has plummeted, with the mercury often dropping below zero at night. 

If your home is uncomfortably cold, experts have shared their top tips to heat your house – without forking out more on your heating bill.

The team at Mattress Online revealed eight ways to raise the temperature in your bedroom, using household items such as aluminium foil and bubble wrap. 

They advised lining the edges of your window with tin foil, which costs just a few pence, to stop hot air escaping at night.

They said: “Heat easily escapes through your windows, but this everyday household product prevents the air from passing through. 

 “If you have your radiators on in the day, the foil will help to store the heat at night.”

Cheap tips to heat your home

  • Use foil on your window
  • Rearrange your bedroom
  • Fit a floating shelf above the radiator
  • ‘Double-glaze’ your windows with bubble wrap
  • Keep your curtains open until 3 pm
  • Insulate your floor with a rug
  • Seal a drafty door with a bath towel

It turns out how your furniture is arranged could also be making it colder, and a quick shuffle could boost the temperature. 

The experts advised always keeping your bed away from the window, as you could be sleeping under a cold draft. 

They said: “You could simply rearrange your bedroom for no cost and feel toastier in minutes.

“Glass also cools easily, so the area around your window is more likely to be colder at night. 

“For a quick and free solution, move your bed away from the window.”

You could simply rearrange your bedroom for no cost and feel toastier in minutes

If you’re certain there’s an icy draft coming into your bedroom, you can also try ‘double glazing’ it on a budget. 

And we don’t mean coughing up for new windows, rather save bubble wrap from your online shopping and stick it on the window. 

Mattress Online noted it may not be attractive to look at, but tests showed it can reduce heat loss by up to 50 per cent on single glazed windows. 

They explained: “Strangely, bubble wrap is great for insulating your windows. 

“It works similarly to double glazing by reducing heat loss. Simply spray water onto your bedroom window and stick the bubble side down.

“You can add a second layer of wrap for even more insulation.” 

You’ll need to grab some tools for their next tip, as it calls for some DIY. 

The team revealed that fitting a floating shelf above your radiator can in fact control the flow of heat. 

They explained: “You can fit the shelf above your radiator, which will help to deflect the heat around the bedroom, meaning it won’t rise to the ceiling and get wasted.”

This next tip may seem counter-productive, but you should make sure to keep your curtains open in the winter – until at least 3pm. 

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While they’re perfect for keeping the heat in at night, you should leave them open during the day to try and get as much sunlight into your room as possible. 

“Sunlight will naturally heat up the room, which you can help keep in the room when you close your bedroom curtains or blinds.

“The sun sets at around 4 pm in winter, so make the most of the natural warmth by keeping your curtains open until around 3 pm,” they said. 

Floors are another big area for heat loss, so you should invest in a rug – particularly if you have wooden or tiled floors. 

The National Energy Foundation estimated 10 per cent of heat can be lost via an uninsulated floor. 

The experts said: “The extra layer will help to insulate your floor and stop any drafts coming into the room. 

“Plus, your feet will feel cosier when you step out of bed in the morning.”

You can pick one up fairly cheaply, or simply buy a couple and try and cover as much of your floor as possible. 

Lastly you should ensure all internal drafts are sealed – which usually blow in from under doors. 

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Mattress Online said: “Another free fix to warm your bedroom is to seal your drafty door with a cotton bath towel. 

“Cotton insulation is commonly used in home construction, as it slows down the flow of heat.”

Simply place a clean, dry towel on the floor, ensuring your plug the gap between the door frame and the floor.

And here's another way to make your house hotter and radiators more efficient WITHOUT spending any money with expert’s tinfoil trick.

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