Makeup artist left heartbroken after her kids destroy hundreds of pounds worth of her cosmetics

A MUM was left horrified after she walked into her bathroom to find her kids had destroyed hundreds of pounds worth of make-up.

Make-up artist Jaylynn Butler shared a video of the “heartbreaking” scene that occurred on New Year’s Eve, after her children got their hands on her cosmetics. 

Wisconsin-based Jaylynn was left in tears as she filmed the completely ruined make-up collection which had left a horrible mess over her sink and floor.

As the mum uses her make-up supplies for her business, the loss was even greater. 

In the first of two viral videos, she asks: “How did 2020 end for me, you ask?”

She then shows her heavily stained carpet, which was now pink, green and yellow from what appears to be an eyeshadow palette, and then pans to the filthy sink.

Thankfully Jaylynn showed how some of the products in her storage containers haven’t been ruined, but were stained by the remnants of the ones that have been destroyed. 

The sobbing mum-of-two captioned the video: “This is what I get for being nice mommy. I’m a makeup artist so yeah I was a little distraught to see my hard earned money in the sink.” 

In a second video, she adds: “Was the night of New Year's Eve and my kids were effen busy. All of my makeup and skincare in the sink, destroyed. 

“This is so heartbreaking. My heart is broken right now. 

“Spare the rod, spoil the child… now I understand what they meant.”

She films herself throwing all the ruined products into the bin and starting on the mammoth clean-up. 

Heartbroken Jaylynn throws everything from false lashes, eyeshadow, lotions and powders into the waste bag. 

As she rinses off an ELF bottle, Jaylynn laments that she didn’t even get to use it yet, but it is now half-empty and ruined. 

People have been left horrified by the chaos caused by her kids, and wondered how they could have been left unsupervised for so long. 

One said: “I’m trying figure out where they would send me that night….. jail or a psych ward.”

Another added: “Them kids still breathing?”

A third wrote: “It’s the fact that she not making them clean it up for me.”

Meanwhile one person commented: “You mean to tell me those kids were left alone that long to do that? That’s at least two hours worth of playing.” 

In a follow-up video, Jaylynn said people don’t know anything beyond the life she posts on TikTok, and added: “At this point, you're being mad disrespectful.”

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