Man baffled by ‘worst kitchen design ever’ which means he needs to open the oven AND dishwasher just to use a drawer

A MAN has shown off a hilarious design flaw in the holiday home he’s staying at, which means he can’t open half the doors unless he opens other cupboards first.

Josh, an architecture student, could not believe the ridiculous design flaw he discovered when trying to open the dishwasher.

In a corner of the kitchen, Josh found out that he couldn’t open the dishwasher without it getting stuck on the oven.

He also discovered that he couldn’t open a small drawer because it jammed against the dishwasher when the door was closed.

Josh captioned the video: “Sometimes I wonder if people have brains. #architcture #architect #california #vacation”

He said: “This bothers me a lot. I wanted to open the dishwasher to see what was inside. But you can’t open the dishwasher because the oven door is in the way.”

After opening the oven door, the dishwasher opens without a hitch.

So, he closes the oven and dishwasher to try and open the tiny corner drawer.

Josh said: “Oh wait, hold up. You can’t open that either. So you have to open the oven, you must open the dishwasher and then you can open the drawer.”

The architecture student couldn’t help but laugh at the terrible kitchen fail.

The video has been viewed over a massive 12.4million times and racked up over 2.5million likes.

People flooded into the comments to share their frustration.

One user wrote: “No no no that would drive me crazy.”

Another said: “These are the type of houses u get stuck in for escape room games.”

A third commented: “Save your valuable items in there, no burglar is going to have the time to figure it out.”

Another interior design student also said: “I’m in school for interior design and if I did that I would get ROASTED.”

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