Mum claims £3.50 cream soothed her baby’s eczema which was so severe the tot couldn’t get dressed or leave the house

A MUM who says her daughter’s eczema was so severe she couldn’t get dressed or leave the house has hailed a £3.50 cream for allowing her to lead a normal life. 

Lisa Aaron, 27, from Stockton, said daughter Florence would scream and cry on a daily basis as a result of her red and raw skin.

The five-month-old suffered severe skin flare ups from birth, with Lisa, a full-time mum, saying it worsened around three-months-old. 

Lisa, shares Florence with husband Nathaniel, said: “At its worse, she couldn't do anything. We couldn't leave the house or go anywhere. 

“We couldn't put clothes on her – she would just get too upset and scream until I undressed her.

“Getting dressed in the morning was just the worst part of the day, so most days I would just leave her indoors in a nappy, covered in thick cream."

In desperation Lisa turned to her GP for a solution, but found their advice only provided short-term relief. 

She said: “We’d been back and forth with the GP several times and made a number of changes to Florence’s routine and diet, such as changing her milk. 

“This helped for a few days, but was only a short-term fix."

“We tried applying a whole range of different emollients, which again, didn’t seem to make much of a difference. 

“They all had a very thick, paste-like consistency when applying it to her skin and felt very adult.”

Lisa was at her wit’s end as even bath time became a struggle, as Florence’s skin would react to being dried with a towel. 

Lisa said: “She was happy to be in the bath, but getting her out was horrendous. As soon as she came out the water and I tried to dry her, she would just burst into tears."

And Florence’s skin simply got worse in the winter, as she had to wear clothes all the time. 

Lisa said: “Florence’s skin definitely got worse as it got colder. She was always much happier skin-to-skin, as opposed to when fully clothed.

“As she’s getting older and finding her knees and feet, we started to notice her scratching worsen. But we couldn’t cover her to stop her scratch, as she couldn’t keep clothes on.”

Lisa kept trying to find a solution to help her daughter’s skin, so she saw her GP again, who prescribed a new lotion.

The mum was hesitant to try yet another product after all others had failed, but after using Oilatum Junior Bath Additive and Oilatum Junior Cream just once, Lisa noticed a difference in Florence’s skin. 

And after regularly using Oilatum, Lisa says Florence is now able to lead a normal life, with parts of her eczema clearing up. 

Lisa said: “She had eczema down the side of her face, which has now completely cleared.

“And as a result of this, a few people from our baby class we attend have noticed and asked what we’re using, as they saw how severe it was before, so we’ve of course recommended the range.

“Oilatum is now an important part of Florence’s bath time routine. I no longer have the dread of getting her ready in the morning and having that restriction on what to do for the day, due to the worry of whether it’s going to upset her or not.

“I have been recommending Oilatum to all my mummy friends and I can confidently say, it has made not only our beautiful Florence’s life better, but the whole family’s.”

And Lisa is finally able to dress Florence in cute clothes and enjoy fun family activities together. 

Raving about the change in her daughter, Lisa said: “She's just content, we've got more time when she's just happy and content and playing. 

“Whereas, previously if she was awake, she was either eating, naked or crying. 

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“Those were kind of the only options. But since using Oilatum, she can play and just be content, it’s just amazing to see the difference.

“Using Oilatum has meant we can dress our daughter in nice clothes, clothes we never would have been able to before, without worrying about her screaming or itching.

“I’ve also been keen to take her swimming this winter, but I just knew it would cause a flare up, but now we can play fun family activities.”

Lisa urged other parents in a similar situation to research the products they’re being prescribed.

She said: “I just thought if you were prescribed an emollient that was it, an emollient is an emollient. 

“I just didn't realise that there was such a difference between them. We tried three different creams before we tried Oilatum, I’m just annoyed it took so long to find it”.

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