Mum makes easy Percy Pig fudge in her slow cooker and it’s perfect for the kids

A MUM has shared her simple recipe to make Percy Pig fudge in a slow cooker, and it’s perfect for the kids. 

If your children can't get enough of Marks and Spencer's popular sweet, you can now whip up a pink fudge using the popular pigs with just a few ingredients. 

Needless to say you'll need some Percy sweets if you want to recreate the fudge, as well as some of Marks and Spencer’s Percy Pig dessert sauce.

For the rest of the treat you’ll need condensed milk, white chocolate, some food colouring and sprinkles for decoration. 

The mum shared a snap of the delicious-looking fudge to Facebook group Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips, explaining how it’s made.

She said: “We put the condensed milk and chocolate into the slow cooker and cooked on a high temp to get it nice and hot. 

“Add in as much sauce/food colouring/sprinkles as you want. 

“Pop in the baking tray and stick on the Percy pigs. 

“Leave in the fridge for a good length of time. 

Percy Pig fudge recipe

  • Condensed milk (400g)
  • White chocolate (500g)
  • M&S Percy Pig dessert sauce
  • A bag of Percy pigs
  • Food colouring and sprinkles

“And enjoy.”

Hundreds of people have commented on the sweet treat, desperate to make their own version. 

One person said: “I want these next. Wee domestic goddess.”

Another person wrote: “I’ll make you these soon.”

A third commented: “Bet these are nice!”

While this person simply added: “Yummy.”

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