Mum makes her sons life-size advent calendar stuffed with huge treats & it’s the perfect antidote to 2020

A MUM has shared the epic life-sized advent calendar she made for her kids, as parents look for ways to make Christmas extra special after a tough year.

Hayley Chisholm turned a room in her house into a winter wonderland scene for her sons, with inflatable snowmen, fake snow, penguins and reindeer. 

At the back of the room, which now resembles the North Pole, giant numbered boxes are stacked up which contain presents ranging from a snowball thrower to Christmas onesies. 

The mum shared her epic advent calendar to Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas, where hundreds of people liked her idea.

Hayley said: “Last year I made a giant advent calendar which my boys loved we was doing a very special reveal so all the stuff inside related to that but thought I would share as I know 2020 is a bit different are people are looking for ideas!!”

The mum shared the full list of treats hiding in the advent calendar, with her kids unwrapping watches, slippers, bags, pyjamas, teddies, hoodies, hot water bottles and personalised Santa hats.

And just like a regular countdown calendar, Hayley made sure she included some treats as well, with her boys tucking into marshmallows, selections boxes and chocolate bars. 

On the last day of the calendar – December 23 – the mum pulled out all the stops to have her kids open a giant box with balloons coming out with an elf attached, holding a letter from Father Christmas himself. 

Parents praised her inventive idea, with one person saying: “Omg love it."

Another wrote: “This is the most amazing idea EVER! Omg love it.

"Would love to do this but unfortunately I live in an old 2 bedroom converted cottage with 3 kids and I struggle to just get the tree in."

A third commented: “My gosh that's more than most kids get for Christmas."

This person thought: "Omg that's so ace!! I wish I had the time and pennies for this. Super cool."

While another added: “This is awesome!"

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