Mum nabs whopping £90 Morrisons toys haul for just £9 including LOL Surprise dolls and Roblox

A MUM has shared her massive haul of toys from Morrisons which should have cost her £90 – but she bagged the lot for just £9. 

As Christmas approaches parents are frantically trying to get their hands on the latest toys, so if you aren't having any luck head to your nearest supermarket. 

The mum snapped up big-name brands such as Lego Friends, Roblox and LOL Surprise Dolls.

She shared snaps of her toy mountain, revealing they’d all been reduced in massive yellow-sticker sale. 

A Lego Friends salon should have cost £18, but she nabbed it for just £1.80, while a pair of Roblox figurines should have cost £10 a-piece, but she bagged them for just a quid each. 

The mum also nabbed a pair of LOL Surprise watches which should have been £5 each, but they were slashed to just 50p. 

She shared her hurl to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, saying:Massive bargains in Morrison's. £90 worth and at the till came to just £9!!

“I always see posts like this on here but never find bargains like this so keep your eyes open guys.” 

Her bargain-hunting skills have racked up nearly 2,000 likes, as mums planned trips to their nearest Morrisons to try and snap up some toys. 

One said: “Ours never do bargains like this!”

Another wrote: “Why don't we find these type of bargains.”

A third posted: “Eyes peeled please."

Someone else commented: “Better get ya butt down to Morrison's.”

This mum reckoned: “We need a trip to Morrison’s.”

While another added: “Some bargains to be had there!!”

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