Mum says baby oil is the secret to getting a spotless kettle as it totally revived hers after ‘it was ruined’

A MUM has shared the secret to getting a kettle to shine again after she ‘ruined’ hers – and it’s baby oil. 

Ffion Bloomfield bought a stylish black geometric kettle, but she used a paste to clean it one day which left it dull. 

But the mum-of-two decided to use baby oil to give it a scrub after seeing how shiny it made her stainless steel cooker. 

Ffion, who likes to share cleaning tips on Instagram, claims her kettle now looks as good as it did when she first bought it. 

She shared some snaps of her efforts to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, saying: “I thought I’d ruined my kettle as it went to look all dull but I used some baby oil on it and look at the difference.”

Speaking to Fabulous, she explained: “I ruined the kettle by using a paste product on it which made it all dull. 

“With two little ones, I had baby oil lying around and had used it on my stainless steel cooker so I thought I’d try it on my kettle. 

“I couldn’t believe the difference it was back to how it was when I first bought it.”

She shared the full cleaning process to Instagram, adding she also uses some “bicarb, water and lemon juice” when deep-cleaning it. 

Hundreds of people have liked her post, and are desperate to try out the tip on their own kettle. 

Commenting on her post, one woman said: “Another fab tip hun.”

Someone else wrote: “We have that kettle, I need to give this a go.”

A third raved: “Oooh never thought about cleaning this way.”

Someone else posted: “Such a great tip.”

While this person added: “I’ll be trying this.”

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