Mums praise Giovanna Fletcher for admitting she ‘cried’ after 'unexpectedly' falling pregnant just as she was getting ‘me’ back

GIOVANNA Fletcher has confessed she "cried" when she found out she was pregnant with baby number three, because she felt she was finally getting "me" back.

The 33-year-old has been praised for her honesty by her fellow mums, who said her words really resonated and even reduced them to tears.

Giovanna posted the honest confession yesterday – a year to the day after discovering she was expecting baby number three Max.

She already had two kids – Buzz, now four, and Buddy, two – with McFly husband Tom, 33, and said although she was hoping to expand her family, she wasn't ready at the time.

Posting on Instagram, the bestselling author and podcast host said: "It was quite a shock. We always knew we wanted another child, but I think we both thought it would be in a year or two.

"I’ll be totally honest, I finally felt I was getting ‘me’ back and into the groove of mothering two boys while juggling work commitments.

"I had loads of plans in the diary and the thought of cancelling some of them and adapting others to accommodate my growing bump was overwhelming. I cried.

"Cried because it was so unexpected, cried out of selfishness and then guilt."

But it was social media which gave Giovanna a sense of perspective, when she stumbled upon a post from a woman who had lost her child on Instagram that night.

She said: "That was the slap across the face I needed.

"I was incredibly lucky to be pregnant again – and so easily – after miscarrying before Buzz and then having difficulty getting pregnant with him."

Giovanna said that "feeling of luck" stayed with her right up until Max was born on August 24 – and it made her "feel sick with worry".

She admitted: "I felt so lucky, and in a weird way worried I was ‘pushing my luck’ to expect another child to enter the world happy and healthy.

"I felt that way until the moment he was placed in my arms.

"I’m so utterly thankful to this little man and all he has taught me already. He is sunshine in all its glory. I’m lucky and grateful."

Her fellow mums have praised Giovanna for her honesty, with one writing: "Needed to hear this.

"I too have just found out I am expecting number 3. Feeling all the emotions. Your comments have come at the right time."

Another added: "I’m so happy to have read this and know that I’m not the only one to have felt this way.

"I’m in the middle of the delight of morning sickness and those pangs of guilt for not feeling quite ready for the next baby still crop up, mostly when I’m being sick."

A third woman said: "Honestly, I cried. Such a beautiful post. Max is beautiful. You all are".



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While another mum said: "What an incredibly honest post. I had 6 miscarriages and I find great joy on following you and your husband's posts.

"You're children are very lucky to have a mum and dad like you who are grounded and loving."

Giovanna was previously praised for a candid post about her post-baby body… after admitting her clothes ‘make her feel poo’.

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