My ex hid where he lives to avoid paying child support – so I catfished him, got his address & now he has to pay $23k

DIVORCE and break-ups can get pretty messy, particularly when kids and finances are involved.

But one mum went to extreme lengths to make her ex cough up money for child support after he deliberately tried to avoid it.

The woman named Stephanie detailed her master plan on TikTok and revealed exactly how she got her daughter's father to pay up after disappearing out of their lives.

Dancing around gleefully in a video on TikTok, she wrote: "My daughter's bio dad stopped showing up two years ago. He hadn't been paying child support and the courts couldn't find him. "

But she managed to track him down and find all the information she needed which she then provided to the courts.

And that was all she needed to start getting money each month.

How, you ask? She went on to explain:"I catfished him and got his address and where he worked. I sent all the info to support enforcement.

"Now I get child support weekly from his paychecks. He's still behind $23k (£16.5k)."

Naturally, people who saw the clip were intrigued and had to know exactly how she catfished him.

She later revealed in the comments: "I made a fake Snapchat. It's the only one that doesn't look fake because you don't need an extensive friends history."

People were quick to praise her for her efforts, with one saying: "That's awesome, Well played girl!"

"Ur genius. Mum award of the year (sic)," said another.

While a third labelled her a "smart cookie".

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