My snobby neighbours accused me of devaluing their homes with my fake plants – they left a note demanding I remove them | The Sun

MOST of us have had a neighbour dispute at one point or another in our lives. 

Whether they are making too much noise or not observing the correct boundaries it can be frustrating dealing with an inconsiderate neighbour. 

But one woman may have some of the worst neighbours we have ever seen, as they have made a complaint about the plants she has chosen to display on her porch. 

In a post on Reddit's Mildly Infuriating forum, the woman wrote: "This poorly written letter from my passive-aggressive neighbour telling me to remove my 'legally-owned' plants from my property".

The mysterious letter is littered with spelling mistakes. 

It claims that the neighbours are so upset with the woman plant display they are giving her two days to remove them before considering taking legal action.

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It said: "Dear [Blacked out], It has come to our attention to residents of [Blacked out] that the potted plants outside of your porch are not real and decoration. 

“This will reflect extremely poorly to our houses and other constitencies in the area who have real plants who might wish to sell there homes one day, and buyers running away when they saw your plants.

“Earlier this week, myself and 14 other neighbors (including the state environment official) have held a group meeting to discuss the appropriate action necessary to solve this issue.

“As of this writing, we have decided to grant you 2 days to remove the selected plants from your porch. 

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“If you chose not correspond, there might be an official action taken that will include the police called to write an lawsuit or the flowery being removed and discarded of quite immediately. You must within 2 days minimum.

“Note: We have chose to make this letter anonymous to protect our legal right and to grant you the same legal opportunities. 

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Thank you, [Blacked out]”.

The post has over 10,000 comments with Reddit users in disbelief over the ridiculous note. 

One commenter said “It's like reading a scam email”. 

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Another  wrote: "It's hilarious that they think the police will care about this".

One commenter suggested: "I hope you have a camera on your porch so you can catch them in the act when they come to remove your property".

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