My son was hacked to death with a machete over a bike – now his killer torments me from jail with Instagram posts

A GRIEVING mum whose son was hacked to death with a machete in a row over a bike says his killer still torments her from jail.

Speaking for the first time since the attack in October 2017, Nikki Yule said ringleader Victor Maibvisira still boasts about the murder of her son Kyle on Instagram.

The single mum-of-four, from Gillingham, Kent, told Fabulous: “He's behind bars but he's proud of himself for what he’s done.

"My Kyle is never going to take another breath. He's never going to live another birthday and have another Christmas. 

“He’s never going to have a baby, he’s never going to get married. But it’s alright for that man to murder my son, and then go on Instagram taking pictures. 

“I can’t look at his face, it disgusts me. How can my son be dead, and he's sitting in prison living the high life?”

Defenceless Kyle was killed aged just 17, when he was hunted down by five thugs and attacked with knives and machetes.

Kyle begged them to stop and desperately called for help – but no-one came to his aid. Horrified witnesses heard him screaming for his mum. The teenager died hours later after suffering a severed artery. 

The gang were all jailed for a total of 88 years, charged with murder and violent affray, with Maibvisira, then 19, getting a minimum sentence of 24 years.

He's behind bars but he's proud of himself for what he’s done. It disgusts me

But Nikki says she is regularly sent photos Maibvisira has posted in Instagram, of him relaxing in prison – where phones aren't allowed.

The slang name of the account, which we are keeping anonymous, indicates he has killed someone.

Heartbroken Nikki says the killer has not shown a moment's remorse.

She said of the trial: “Victor kept laughing, thinking it was a joke all the time. None of his killers showed any remorse at all.

“The court said they were like vultures. Kyle was screaming – begging them to stop and saying he wanted to see his mum. They thought that was a joke.

“Now I’m absolutely petrified of something happening to my other kids.”

Nikki still lives in the house where she raised Kyle with son Vinnie, 11, daughter Aaliyah, eight, and a teenage son who is so terrified he doesn’t want to be named.

“Kyle loved his brothers and he absolutely idolised his little sister Aaliyah,” Nikki said.

“He’d take her to the park and they’d lie in her bed and watch movies. They would always argue over who would lie on the inside and the outside.” 

The court said they were like vultures. Kyle was screaming – begging them to stop and saying he wanted to see his mum

As well as looking after Aaliyah, eldest Kyle would help Nikki by doing the shopping and dropping off his siblings at school.

“He was my firstborn, I just fell in love with him as soon as he was born,” Nikki said.

“He was such a lovely boy. On Mother's Day he would always be the first one up, he’d run upstairs and bring me breakfast in bed.”

Handsome Kyle was a talented footballer and swimmer, who was also a hit with the girls.

“As he got older, he got more bubbly,” Nikki said. “Then he got popular with the ladies and he had a lot of friends."

On the night he was killed, Nikki made Kyle his favourite dinner of spaghetti Bolognese.

Afterwards he sauntered into Nikki’s bedroom, picked up the hair brush and began singing for her using the brush as a microphone.

“He threw the brush back on the bed, said ‘love you Mumsy’ and walked out the door,” Nikki said.

Just 45 minutes later, Nikki heard banging at the door. Outside there were girls screaming: “Kyle’s been stabbed, Kyle’s been stabbed.”

I’ve told the police that Victor has a phone in prison – they’re meant to be getting punished in there, not boasting on social media

“My heart just dropped to the floor, I felt sick,” Nikki said. “I went into a panic.”

She ran to where Kyle was – just five minutes away from her house – and saw police cars and ambulances everywhere.

Nikki broke down in tears as she recalled the moment the emergency services wouldn’t let her see her beloved son, who was fighting for his life.

“They wouldn't even let me go up there to see him,” Nikki said. “That was really hard. They said I'd be traumatised if I ever saw him like that.

“You just want that last cuddle. I just needed that cuddle, but they said I would have been traumatised. I think I should have been given the opportunity to say goodbye to my son.”

Kyle was taken to Medway Maritime Hospital, where Nikki remembers seeing 15 surgeons surround him.

“I don't think it even clicked into my head that he was dying,” she said.

Then came the news no mother wants to hear – doctors told Nikki they couldn’t keep her son alive.

“I told them they could have my heart and my blood, and give it to my son,” Nikki sobbed.

“I kept saying 'he can have my heart, he’s got a life to live. He can take all my blood'. But they said it was too late.”

Nikki went to the morgue to say goodbye to her son.

She said: “I cuddled him – he was ice cold and blue and grey. It was the worst feeling in the world. My heart broke that day.”

Mourners put flowers, beer bottles and Kyle’s favourite sweets outside the family home.

“All the flowers were dying, and my neighbour said it took 16 bin bags to pick up all the flowers people had left,” Nikki said.

“The worst feeling is knowing that Kyle was in pain, he was being stabbed to death, and he was begging for help and no one did."

You just want that last cuddle. I think I should have been given the opportunity to say goodbye to my son

Shezakia Daley, then 18, Tyler Ralph and Ephrain Akinwunmi-Streets, both 17, and 16-year-old Jordan Dania were all caged for at least 16 years for Kyle’s murder after a trial at Maidstone Crown Court in June 2018.

Ringleader Maibvisira was jailed for a minimum of 24 years for murder and affray.

It is thought Maibvisira was angry about people who stole his bike so “tooled up” and “gathered his troops”. Nikki insists Kyle had nothing to do with this.

But despite the strong sentences, Nikki cannot move on from her son’s horrific death.

She raged: “I’ve told the police that Victor has a phone in prison, otherwise how else can he post on Instagram, but they don’t seem to want to do anything about it.

“They’re meant to be getting punished in there, not boasting on social media.

“I’ve been getting calls from withheld numbers at 4am and 5am constantly. I don’t know who they are from, but they leave me petrified."

Nikki finds it heartbreaking seeing Kyle’s friends growing up while time has stood still for her lad. 

“All of his friends are successful," she said. "They all work, some of them have got children now. Kyle will never get to have that.

“I will always remember Kyle as the funny boy, the bubbly boy, the joker. If I was ever down, he would be the one to cheer me up. He would always bring out the best in people.

“He was so kind, funny, and loving – he would never hurt anyone. I still can’t believe that he’s dead.”

A prison service spokesperson said: “Prisoners found with a mobile phone are punished, and we are spending £100m on X-ray scanners and better security to stop them being smuggled into prisons.”

They added that prisoners found with phones can face an extra two years behind bars.

Last year, 387 social media accounts were deactivated following requests from HMPPS.

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