People are only just realizing there's a reverse way to pour soda and it eliminates mess | The Sun

AFTER revealing the simple yet unusual way she serves her soda, a woman left the internet mind blown.

Her way means no spillage or overflow of bubbles.

TikToker Taylor Watson (@taylormakesvideos) made the case for a new way to pour soda from a bottle into a cup.

Although most of us would think to simply tilt the bottle above the glass so that it flows right in, Taylor said this way is all wrong.

In a video, she demonstrated the right way to serve the drink using a 20 oz bottle of Coke.

Simply place the glass, facing downwards, over the open soda bottle so that it acts as a makeshift top.

Then flip both over all together, placing the cup on the counter, and slowly lift the bottle upwards and out of the cup as the liquid flows in.

The result is a clean pour, free from fizz.

“I’ve been doing this wrong my whole life,” she wrote in the caption.

“Can’t believe it’s never taught.”

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Some viewers thought the hack was a useful one.

“This is what school needs to focus on,” one person wrote.

“Old bartender trick,” added a second, with a third noting it was also a “flight attendant trick.”

Others, however, didn’t see the point.

“Or just pour it NORMALLY,” one argued.

“You don’t want the bacteria in your cup from everyone that touches the outside of the bottle,” another noted.

And one guy was leading with the important questions: “Does this work with beer? Asking for a friend.”

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