People constantly tell me how amazing I look and all my bloke mates want to date me – it makes women so competitive

"JUST recently I was at the supermarket and the cashier complimented me on the dress I was wearing. She told me it was sexy and suited my body shape too.

"It happens all the time. Men and women randomly come up to me and tell me how amazing I look."

In fact, hair salon owner Sammi Xue, 39, says the compliments don't just come from strangers and Instagram followers – even her close male pals have cracked onto her, despite knowing she's happily married.

She said: “I have a lot of male friends working in the hair business and they all want a girlfriend who looks like me!

“They tell me I’m very special and unique because of how I look. But also they respect my strength and that I know what I want for my future. They find my ambition an attractive trait."

“Even though I am married – and they know this – my male friends also ask me out on dates. I get a lot of sweet talkers as well. But mostly they are very respectful towards me."


With her youthful figure and looks, it's perhaps no surprise mum-of-one Sammi is constantly fending off male attention.

“Some men find me on Instagram and message asking for help finding a woman like me.

I have a lot of male friends – and they all want a girlfriend who looks like me

“My husband knows I get hit on in real life and approached all the time online. But he trusts me and he knows I’m very upfront about being married.

“It’s the random guys that private message me that are the problem. They ask if they can send me pictures of themselves. I’m very straight with them and tell them I’m not interested in their sexual images.”

Sammi says she doesn’t understand why she gets this sort of attention – because she never takes or posts sexy pictures of herself.

She said: “I don’t follow those types of guys. I’m not into wasting anyone’s time. I don’t want to give out the wrong signal either.

“I’m really honest about being married with a great husband – and I reckon that's why they come to me for advice.

"One guy broke up with his girlfriend and I gave him some tips on how to recover from the split. His response was, 'Sammi you are amazing, so kind and beautiful with it. I want someone who is just like you!'

“It’s tricky because I know how difficult it is to find someone like me.”

Men message me on Instagram and ask for help finding a woman like me. It’s tricky because I know how difficult it is to find someone like me

But it isn’t just men who swoon over Sammi – women aren’t immune to her charms either.

On the last day of one holiday in Morocco, Sammi says she received a letter from her hostess, telling her how special she is.

She said: “We’d only met a few days earlier. I’m used to guys fawning over me and showering me with compliments. It’s a bit more unusual for women to behave this way.

“The letter told me it was hard to find someone like me. She described being over the moon to know me.

“Even when we go on other holidays as a family, I always attract attention from people.”

“They ask me what my secret is and I tell them. It is discipline – that’s it.


Sammi, who lives in London with her husband and son Sean, 12, say she also often gets mistaken for being her boy's teenage sister: "He loves it and even tells me to dress younger when I pick him up from school.

"My son’s friends constantly ask him, 'is that really your mum?'

“Out of me and my husband, I'm first choice to do the school run and wear kooky, silly clothes.

“When his friends first meet me they all assume I'm his cool older teenage sister – rather than the middle-aged woman who gave birth to him!”

Sammi – who is looking forward to re-opening her two salons in July – says it’s not just her son’s school friends who are stunned at how young she looks – but clients are shocked too.

She said: “If someone is new into the salon they assume I'm the apprentice. No one can get their head around the fact I'm a business woman knocking on 40.

“I’m 5ft 8in and wear a size 6-8. I do not do boring clothing.

“In my late teens I did catwalk modelling and editorial shoots too. I know that the secret to looking this good is to have a really good diet and exercise routine – and stick to it.

When my son's friends first meet me they all assume I'm his cool older teenage sister – rather than the middle-aged woman who gave birth to him

“I have never smoked. I do not touch alcohol. I drink lots of water, avoid sugar and sweeteners. I’ve been working as a hairstylist for 15 years and I see myself as an ambassador for my business.

“Every time I walk out the door, I make sure I look good – my image is important to me. I avoid make up as much as I can.

"I'm convinced it’s the chemicals in make-up that age the skin. But on the odd occasion I do use it then it is perfectly applied.

“That’s why there is no Botox or filler in my face. Instead I use expensive anti-ageing skin care products. I love La Mer, Lancôme and Shiseido. I exfoliate and then put on a face mask at least twice a week."

Sammi's anti-ageing dos & don'ts



Drink alcohol

Eat junk food

Have sugar and sweeteners

Wear make-up (Sammi believes the chemicals age the skin)

Get Botox or fillers


Use expensive anti-ageing creams, exfoliators and face masks – by La Mer, Lancôme and Shiseido

Drink lots of water

Sammi's clients are always asking for the secret to her youthful looks.

She said: “Women can be competitive and will always want to inspect my tummy for stretch marks. They’re shocked when they find I don’t have any even after carrying my son.

“I know it’s hard to set a healthy habit but it doesn’t take long for the willpower to kick in.

"One female client has even stuck a picture of me on her fridge as inspo to stay away from the naughty stuff inside it. She's scrawled across it "Sammi says Stop Eating!"


Sammi is a follower of the “work hard, play hard” philosophy to life and loves going clubbing at the weekend.

She said: “Everyone needs to be able to enjoy themselves. If you can’t then life is boring.

"That’s why, when we’re not on lockdown, I love going dancing. The way I see it is if I’m out with my male friends dancing – then I’m having a good time.

“My husband doesn’t stop me going out to pubs or clubs because he knows I love to dance.

"But he doesn’t like me going out. He’s very aware of all the attention I get.

My husband doesn’t like me going out to clubs. He’s very aware of all the attention I get

"Even though he knows he can trust me, he is perfectly aware he cannot control me. But I’m of the opinion if you behave low class – you attract low class types.

“That’s why my husband is happy to let me go out and socialise with my male friends. He knows I’ll never do anything with them.

"But he isn’t happy to have to watch sexy guys paying me lots of attention – that's why he never accompanies me."

Unlike many women, Sammi hasn’t found lock down difficult – instead she has focused on her body and has developed a six-pack as a result of regular home workouts.

She said: “Men and women do look at me as inspiration. I’m a model for my salons.

"I’m a business woman and I have the full admiration of my husband, son and his friends – what more could I want?

“All women should follow my advice. Let’s face it: if we’re more confident in how we look that we're bound to come across as younger, sexier and prettier!”

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