Poundland shoppers are raving about a range of £1 big name beauty products on offer – but some warn they're out of date

CHRISTMAS has come early for beauty fanatics with eagle-eyed shoppers raving about a selection of make-up products on offer for just £1 at Poundland.

Women are snapping up products from popular brands such as Models Own, Rimmel, Eyelure and W7 – which normally cost way more – but some warn they're out of date and no avoid buying them.

One woman showed of her massive beauty haul on Facebook, thrilled about her incredible finds.

She wrote: "Today in Poundland I got these! They come in packs of 2 or singular items but amazing makeup brands like Models Own, Rimmel, Sleek, Eyelur and W7 for all £1 each bag!

She added: "I had a Ted Baker advent calendar for Christmas this year and will be sad when it ends so going to refill it with random makeup bits during the year so that when Christmas comes back around I’ll forget and it’ll be a surprise every day still.

"Such amazing prices for brilliant well known usually expensive brands."

While many jumped at the opportunity to score themselves some bargains, dozens warned the items are past the expiry date, hence the discounted price.

All makeup and cosmetics have an expiry date on the packaging, which is normally somewhere between 12-18 years of it being produced – depending on the product.

But once opened, many only last a few months, according to the experts, so always be aware.

One woman warned: "I know this makeup can be a bargain but it’s a bargain for a reason usually this is really old stock you can check by searching the batch number, some stuff I’ve checks has up to 4 years old."

And another agreed, saying: "Please be aware that this makeup could be years old, I understand the whole it's fine unless it's open but I myself have bought makeup from poundland etc and then when opened it its clearly gone off, and then when I checked the manufactured date found out its around 4/5 years old.

"So even though the seal hadn't been broken before I opened it the makeup still went off. If you Google 'cosmetic calculator' you can check when the makeup was manufactured just for peace of mind ."

Savvy shopper Holly Smith – who founded the Extreme Couponing & Bargains Facebook page – previously revealed how you can easily find out when the products were made with a little-known website.

Using  CheckCosmetics.net on her phone, the mum checked a Rimmel foundation that was available in Poundland, which proved to be from 2016.

Expert reveals how long your makeup really lasts

Your everyday makeup products will start to expire once they've been opened and slowly begin oxidising .

If unopened products are stored in a cool, dry place, this will make them last longer.

Joanne Dodds from Hairtrade.com said: “I’m sure most of us will admit to not checking regularly and having much loved items lurking in your makeup bag for years.

“Whilst it doesn’t harm you to use some out-of-date makeup products, some provide moisture which bacteria thrives on, and mascara and eyeliner can cause eye irritations or infections.”

Most mascara tubes are labelled to have a shelf life of between four and six months.

Liquid eyeliner keeps for up to six months, as it's susceptible to bacteria.

Liquid and cream foundations only last between six to 12 months as they are made up of oils, water and other hydrating agents that increase bacteria – but your powder foundation will last up to two years.

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