Princess Diana's iconic sheep jumper is being re-released

Sound the alarm – Princess Diana’s sheep jumper is hitting the shelves again.

On top of the re-release of this iconic knit, another classic sweater of Lady Di’s is going to be re-released alongside it.

That’s right, Gyles and George’s pink and white ‘I’m A Luxury’ jumper is going on sale again too.

This eye-catching item was one of Princess Diana’s sassier fashion moments from 1986, with the words ‘I’m a luxury…’ written in blue on the front and ‘few can afford’ on the back.

American label Rowing Blazers is getting into womenswear by bringing both these old Warm & Wonderful and Gyles and George designs back to life.

You’ll be able to find them from 15 October at Selfridges and for a tidy £185.99 each.

The bright red knit jumper has rows of white sheep with one black and was worn by the then-future royal around the time of the announcement of her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981.

At the time, it was thought the jumper could be a subtle statement about how Lady Di felt about joining the Royal Family.

Nowadays the original jumper she wore permanently resides in the Victoria and Albert Museu, and the original design hasn’t been in circulation since 1994.

Warm & Wonderful designed the sweater in 1979 as part of the Sloane Ranger set and designers Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne work together under Muir & Osborne today.

Ob the subject of the popular knit, Osborne told People in 1983: ‘We always knit things we would like to wear ourselves’.

In a statement on the designs re-release, they said: ‘Since Diana’s first public appearance in one of our bright red sheep jumpers, she and the design have been inextricably linked.

‘The Princess of Wales wore the sweater on several other occasions, eliciting a great deal of press commentary and making the design incredibly popular, not only here in the UK, but around the world.’

Jack Carlson, Rowing Blazers’ creative director, said: ‘Collaborating with the original designers is exactly what makes this so special to me. I can just picture Joanna and Sally in their twenties, selling their jumpers to Sloane Rangers, pop stars, and royalty.

‘I think there’s a lot of nostalgia in the air right now, and a great renewed interest in Diana’s style in particular.’

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