S Club Junior's Aaron is all grown up & flashing washboard abs on TikTok… as he does ALL the band's cringe dance moves

AS much as we loved S Club 7 back in the noughties, we were nothing short of obsessed with their spin-off band S Club Juniors.

Automatic High. One Step Closer. New Direction. We can still recite the words to each of their hit singles in our sleep… just saying.

The group of young teens – who were only ever supposed to be a support actto the main band – enjoyed huge success in the charts.

Before they broke up in 2004, the band's song Puppy Love even featured in the Christmas movie Love Actually.

And while Rochelle Humes and Frankie Bridge went on to enjoy even more chart success with The Saturdays, S Club Junior's oldest member Aaron Renfree, 33, has now become a bonafide TikTok star.

After S Club Juniors disbanded, Aaron went back to college and later joined dance company TK, who work at Pineapple Dance Studios in London.

And he's certainly been putting his training to good use by introducing the band's cringe routines to a whole new generation of fans online.

Earlier this week, the star told his 270,000 followers that the dance moves are "ingrained" in him as he performed some of S Club Junior's most famous routines.

In a video that has been viewed by over 300,000 people online, Aaron joked: "STILL GOT IT! Hey to the remaining S Club Junior fans lol."

What's more, Aaron even shockingly revealed that he "was never a fan of Automatic High" as he performed the moves. Erm, what?!

But before we write him off completely, he added: "One for the girl juniors to be fair."

In another video, Aaron ranked the S Club Junior songs from best to worst- putting New Direction in first place and controversially putting Puppy Love in last.

When a fan admitted that Puppy Love "cringed them out so bad", Aaron replied: "Imagine having to stand there and perform it!"

Aaron has previously appeared as a backing dancer on both the X Factor and The Voice – and isn't afraid to flash his cracking six pack on social media too.

While The Saturdays were still touring, Aaron even joined his old bandmates Frankie and Rochelle as a dancer on stage.

Earlier this month, Aaron celebrated his 33rd birthday with a romantic getaway to Soho Farmhouse with his American boyfriend Themis Frigo.

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