Sylvester Stallone's 'Alpha dominance' will get 'torn down' by Kardashian-esque daughters in reality show, expert says | The Sun

SYLVESTER Stallone's big break as a reality star will be "squashed" by his gutsy daughters during their new TV show, a body language expert has said.

And she thinks the Rambo legend won't be able to recover after the three Kardashian-style celebs run rings around him.

Sylvester's much-anticipated reality show, The Family Stallone, hits the small screen on May 17.

The TV series will offer first-time access into the busy home life of the legendary movie star and his fun-loving family.

It has also been pitched as a rival to Hulu's The Kardashians, while promising appearances from Al Pacino and Dolf Lundgren.

Season 1 involved Paramount producers filming in and around Sly's glitzy Californian mansion.

They observed the day-to-day Tinseltown lives of Sly's model wife Jennifer and their three daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet.

In the series promo, the Rambo legend's role is a protective dad. Mom Jennifer Flavin looks like a demure matriarch.

Meanwhile, the three glam daughters are camera-ready. They also show a mix of strong personalities.

In an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun: "Sly’s alpha silverback dominance will get torn down quickly.

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"In the trailer, even in what looks like a Rocky-style team talk we can see his girls’ cynical poses.

"They have their arms folded and heads tilted.

"It will be Rambo’s lack of authentic power at home that provides all the comedy.

"In the promo photo, Sly immediately gets squashed on the sofa by these confident, Kardashian-style women.

"The running gag seems to be Sly doing normal dad things to embarrass his three sassy girls.

"We can see from the get-go that they all run rings around him and he won't be able to come back from this.

"Jennifer is possibly the real power broker of the family behind the scenes.

"As for the three girls, with their names all starting in S, the Kardashian potential looks strong.

"There are enough clues to suggest similar drama potential in terms of power, rivalry, and sisterly vibes.

"Of the sisters, the more dominant signals are coming from Sophia and Sistine.

"But Sistine could be the real Rambo of the family.

"This in turn means sibling rivalry between Sistine and the determined and poised Sophia."


In the trailer, filmmaker and movie star, Sly has raised his daughters on military fitness training while warning them off boyfriends.

The 76-year-old doesn't seem to want them to grow up. His alter ego, Rambo meddles with their love lives.

The Academy Award winner who launched his career in 1972, is also seen brushing his favorite cat.

"Once we’ve seen that ultimate hard man Sly combs his cat’s tail at home, he’ll be elbowed out of the way," Judi said.

"This moment is clearly a great counter-stereotypical gag.

"Reality fans can get to know the girls and all their drama potential with Sly playing second fiddle.

"Sly’s clips suggest he’s trying to be a traditional, old-school, in-charge dad."


Mom Jennifer Flavin comes off groomed and elegant in the new series, which shows her and Sly's devotion to each other.

The former model first met Sylvester in 1988 at a Hollywood restaurant. The pair married in 1997 but after spending a year apart.

Jennifer, 54, and Sly even overcame another rocky patch last year. She had filed for divorce in August.

As well as taking care of her family, Jennifer co-owns a wellness brand, Serious Skincare.

"Jennifer looks so supportive and loving that her power signals might go unnoticed, " Judi added.

"Jennifer might blend with the girls in terms of looks but her peace-keeper, sociable ‘mom vibes’ suggest she’s a behind-the-scenes matriarch.

"Jennifer’s poses here and on Insta show she works hard to create and present the perfect, idyllic family.

"Her body language with Sly signals flattering hero-worship.

"We also see her working hard behind the scenes to ensure the group hugs and smiles are all en pointe."


Miami-born Sophia, 26, has already worked in front of the camera as a professional model.

The eldest Stallone daughter studied fashion at the University of Southern California before launching a fashion line and appearing on Project Runway.

Sophia is used to showing off her personal life since this is always the topic of the day on her Podcast, Unwaxed.

"Sophia is by far the most camera-confident," added Judi.

"She gets into the center of many of the poses and sits or stands poised, upright.

"It's clear she is in the driving seat and likes to be filmed.

"Sophia for example is the one who is ready to roll during their promo interview with Kelly and Mark.

"This one is very confident."


Sistine, 24, has also been in the spotlight before and is a natural on set.

Born in Los Angeles, just like Sophia, Sistine is signed to IMG Models.

She has starred in two movies, the 2019 horror film 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, and 2021's Midnight in the Switchgrass with Bruce Willis.

Sistine also attended the USC where she studied communications.

Her Instagram feed shows her fondness for the high life and looking glam out in Hollywood.

"Sistine is the sister with the most complex body language signals," explained Judi.

"She looks like a holder of strong opinions and when she smiles, her lips are usually closed.

"This suggests she will be keeping some of her thoughts to herself, but not forever.

"This won’t be submissive behavior, since there are Insta pics showing her with her arm around her dad in a neck-lock choke-hold.

"This hints at an alpha challenge and a shot of hands squaring up to the camera in boxing gloves."


Scarlet, 20, graduated high school in 2021 and is supposed to be the athlete of the family.

In the past, her dad referred to her as The Flash on Twitter.

Her family's reality show could prove to be her big break since she already mentioned she'd wanted to get into acting.

In her sister's Unwaxed podcast, Scarlet said: "I've wanted to act my whole life."

"Interestingly, Scarlet looks more tentative and shy in some of her poses in the trailer," added Judi.

"During the Live with Kelly and Mark promo, she sat with her legs uncrossed and toes pointing inward.

"This is a sweet signal of shyness.

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"In the family promo pic, Scarlet is on the back of the sofa.

"She leans in with a stretched neck as though needing to push herself into the spotlight to avoid being upstaged by her siblings."

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