The Best Meal Delivery Service for Fresh, Healthy, Delicious Food

These days, you can get pretty much anything delivered straight to your doorstep — including the ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which has us hungry people asking an important question: What’s the best meal delivery service that also delivers on taste?

If you’re new to food delivery services, they’re just as amazing as they sound. With the simplicity of a few clicks, you can eat well, reduce food waste and even save money, all without having to go to the grocery store. If you hate cooking — or don’t have the time or energy to do it — most of the recipes only involve a few simple instructions. And with fully prepared meal services, you’ll cut down the amount of dishes you need to wash and prep time. Sounds pretty good, right?

Meal delivery companies are also available for those who have food allergies and diet restrictions (and yes, there are options for picky eaters in the family, too). Looking for keto meal delivery? Sun Basket prioritizes these and other organic ingredients, while Sakara caters to people who follow a plant-based diet or want delicious gluten-free meals. (There’s even a delivery service just for meat lovers.) And if you’re part of a program like Weight Watchers that counts calories, most services charge by portion sizes — so it’s easy to keep track.

Below, we’ve rounded up six meal delivery services that are just as big on convenience as they are on taste.

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