The Empowering Reason Sally Beauty Wants You to Embrace a Wild Hair Color

Debating dyeing your hair bright blue or embracing a neon orange hue? You may have gone back and forth, but after watching Sally Beauty’s latest campaign video, YOU by Sally, you’ll be convinced to embrace bold and bright color once and for all. 

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From a mom who rocks teal hair like it’s her job to a saxophonist jamming out with royal blue highlights, the video, which emphasizes how hair color can be empowering, makes quite the case for at-home hair color. 

To help get their message across, the brand teamed up with TikTok star Heather Chelan, who created a viral music video in March 2021 called “Having Colored Hair Doesn’t Make You Unprofessional.” 

Fast forward to present day and Chelan and the beauty retailer dropped an extended version of the original song, highlighting CEOs, influencers and advocates who use hair color as a form of self-expression. 

Chelan, who has more than 278,300 TikTok followers, kicks off the song, explaining that having a fun, funky or untraditional hair color doesn’t affect a person’s ability to their job in a professional setting. Instead, dyeing hair an out-of-the-box hue is a way to communicate how their feeling.  

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For example, Chelan, who is rocking a green buzz cut, notes that she uses “color to express myself” and to “stay as true to myself as possible.” 

Baddie Winkle, a 92-year-old beauty brand founder shares a similar sentiment. The self-proclaimed “granfluencer” stands by the fact that her lavender locks bring her immense joy. “Colored hair makes you feel young, makes you look young. Whatever you want to do, you can do if you want to,” she explained in the video. 

And then there’s Brian Terada, the founder of Be Free, which supports the LGBTQ+ community. “Having colored hair says to the world that I am open, I am expressive, I’m ready to connect and create and have a conversation,” the advocate said, rocking flamingo pink colored strands. 

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Of course, Sally Beauty’s CEO, Chris Brickman, had to get in on the action too, dyeing his hair blue and purple! “It’s empowering in a way and it just allows you to be yourself,” he added. 

Even though embracing bright hair means something a little different to each person, they all turned to the same spot to transform their tresses: Sally Beauty. 

The retailer offers 1,200 salon-quality at-home hair color shades, 250 of which are bright and bold. They also offer 950 gray coverage shades both in stores and online. 

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