Thrifty mum uses old IKEA drawers and stickyback plastic to create ‘expensive’ kitchen & stuns with how good it looks

A SAVVY homeowner who couldn't afford to finish their "expensive kitchen" has spruced up an old set of drawers to complete it – and people are amazed by how good it looks.

Instead of spending a fortune on extending her expensive kitchen fit out, the crafty mum covered some cheap IKEA drawers in stickyback plastic so that it matched the original cabinetry – and it blends in perfectly.

Thrilled that her gamble paid off, the clever mum posted a photo to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group and explained that they'd paid a fortune for a kitchen when they first bought the house, but couldn't afford to finish it.

She said: "We couldn't afford to fill the whole space and tbh there is still so much that needs to be done, we won't be able to for a while yet.

At first first glance, the original kitchen and the added drawers look identical – both he same shade of grey with a stained oak bench top.

And if not for her revealing the drawers were from IKEA, you'd hardly believe they weren't a part of the original kitchen fit out.

She later revealed that she'd purchased the oak-effect vinyl from Amazon, and stocked up from eBay when Amazon ran out.

The kitchen makeover was, unsurprisingly, met will an astonishing amount of praise with many amazed by how well the spruced up drawers blend in.

The post has since racked up almost 4,000 likes, and, blown away by the result, one person said: "Looks amazing wouldn't know without you telling."

And another agreed: "  Wow fantastic… I though they were a new kitchen fitted."

Meanwhile, a third said: "I would never have guessed they weren’t part of the actual kitchen units!!

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