Thrifty shopper shows off huge Tesco yellow-sticker haul she bagged for £27 – with five packs of mince & six chickens

IF you’re keen to save a fortune on your food shop, you probably know a thing or two about yellow sticker hunting in your local supermarket.

If not, check out this mum's incredible haul of delicious Tesco food itemswhich she bagged for just £27 by making savvy choices on her recent food shop.

Karolina Foulger, 33, a mum of one and genetic technologist, showed off the impressive haul which includes five packs of mince at 95p, loads of chicken breast for 96p and even pricey organic salmon.

Karolina, from Coventry, told money-saving community "I went to the shop only to get some food for the evening as we were out for the whole day and didn't fancy cooking.

"As I realised it was the usual yellow sticker time I popped to the bit where people queue and noticed there were only five or six people ahead of me.

"I joined the queue and within five minutes the staff brought the things out. Everyone was allowed five items each and then needed to go to the back of the line which stopped any fighting (and Covid spreading as well).

“The chicken was £3.50 and I got six packets for 96p each, I got five packets of berries for 50p each reduced from £2 and five packs of minced meat for 95p each reduced from £3.80.

“I also got two packs of salmon for £1.50 each (reduced from £6). That's a saving of over £36!

“I paid £27 for the lot. I generally like to plan my meals so I know what I need and do one big shop a week.

"I like batch cooking and freezing things. Freezing is also great for when you're going for yellow stickers and you can get things really cheap!”

Tom Church, co-founder of, comments: “Yellow stickers represent an amazing deal for shoppers: items are hugely discounted, meaning you can pick up an amazing deal while also helping tackle the problem of food waste.

“Karolina’s haul is amazing – look at all that mince, salmon and fruit at such enormous discounts.

“My top tips for finding yellow sticker bargains is to chat to your supermarket workers and find out when they discount items.

“That way, you can put it in your diary and make sure to be at the front of the queue!

“It’s worth stocking up and batch cooking with your yellow sticker items, then popping containers in the freezer so you always have a home-cooked meal waiting when you need one.”

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