Thrifty woman, 24, with net worth of £192k reveals how she saves over £550 on groceries & bills a year – and you can too

A 24-YEAR-OLD woman who has a net worth of £192k has shared her savvy saving hacks which help her shave more than £550 off her groceries and bills a year.

Queenie Tan, a marketing manager from Sydney, Australia,has been actively saving and investing since she was 19 and now shares money tips and advise on her YouTube channel.  


Buy in bulk when things are on sale

It might sound counter productive but Queenie says to buy in bulk when you spot things on sale.

This might mean paying more in any one shop but the amount you save in the long run is worth it and even small amounts add up.

"I buy my soy milk from Amazon, because I found that whenever I buy it from Amazon and buy a little bit more than normal, I actually save about 20 per cent," Queenie said. 

Use loyalty cards

The marketing manager won't shop without using loyalty cards at the supermarket.

While it varies depending on where you shop, most supermarket in the UK also have loyalty programs.

She said she gets $10 off her shopping every two months which is equivalent to about £5.50.

While it might not seem like much, that's roughly £34 a year.

Shop online 

Shopping online is a big way you can save cash and time, according to Queenie.

Not only is it easier to compare the prices of items, but you can also view items from low price to high, or per unit costwhich allow you to see the best deals.

Shop cheaper supermarkets

Queenie doesn't stay loyal to any one supermarket and will instead find which stores have the best buys.

In Australia, she said Aldi isn't good for the "niche food items", but there are some things she buys from the discount supermarket repeatedly, particularly wine.

Of course this differs in the UK but it's an important tip to note, and Aldi is often a good choice for other bargain buys

The 24-year-old also stocks up on frozen vegetables whenever she's in Aldi, and it "doesn't particularly matter if you buy a big brand or a homebrand item."

Use a shopping list

Finally, the 24-year-old said sticking to a shopping list is a sure way to save money on your shop.

"This means you cut down on food waste as you only buy what you need and use," she explained. 

Utilities including phone, internet and electricity

When it comes to your utilities, Queenie urges people to shop around to save money.

"It is time consuming and I promise I don't do it every month, but every year or so, I do like to have a look around to check my phone, internet, electricity and insurance providers are competitive," Queenie said.

If you spot a better deal, ask your current provider for something better. By doing this, Queenie managed to save $534 (£296) this year.

She recently switched her electricity, phone and internet provider after finding better deals.

She also notes you should do your own research and it probably differs for everyone.


Finally, much like other utilities it pays to negotiate with insurance,

"Once a year, I like to negotiate to ensure I'm getting the best deal by having a look at what others on the market are offering and putting pressure on my insurance company to match it or shave down my bill," Queenie said.

This particular year, she was able to save around $100 (£55) just by calling up her provider for a quick chat. 

"The worst thing they can do is say no," Queenie added. 

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