What do YOU hear people chanting in this bonkers audio illusion that’s left people baffled?

IT'S been almost four years since THAT Laurel or Yanny clip divided the internet – and to be honest, we still hear something different every time it plays.

Well if that wasn't maddening enough, there's a new audio illusion doing the rounds online and it's seriously messing with our heads.

The audio – which has racked up over 2.2m "likes" on TikTok – is of a crowd of thousands of people all chanting the same thing.

But people are seriously divided over what it is they're actually saying.

According to TikToker Kegan Stiles, the options include "Bart Simpson bouncing", "that is embarrassing", or "rotating pirate ship".

Alternatively, other people hear "lobsters in motion", "lactates in pharmacy", "I'm chasing martian", "Baptism piracy" and "that isn't mercy".


Needless to say, the chant left viewers divided – and the majority of viewers said it changed depending on what they were reading at the time.

One commented: "Whatever I read while listening is the one I hear."

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Another added: "I heard all of them!."

Meanwhile, a third asked: "How do they make it all sound the same?!"

As the University of California's Professor of Psychology Diana Deutsch has previously outlined, this audio illusion is just one example of the difference between physically hearing something and listening and understanding it.

She wrote in a 2009 paper: "These illusions show that the auditory system does not faithfully transmit the sound information as it arrives at our ears, but alters and reorganises this information in various ways."

In other words, our brain is what attributes meaning to things we've heard and this demonstrates how easily it can be tricked.

So what's are the crowd actually chanting? Well, it appears to have been taken from a football game where fans collectively cried "that is embarrassing".

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