What Happened to This Guy's Body After He Did Pullups and Dips for 30 Days

Pullup challenges are always an interesting proposition on social media. From breaking 30 second pullup records to attempting 3,000 pullups in a month, the exercise is a simple way to track fitness in tons of ways.

Vlogger Marlon Doll attempted his own version of the #30daychallenge. He wanted to finish 100 reps every day, but he didn’t want to blow out his body. He added dips to his pullup regimen (alternating every other day) to prevent working the same muscles consecutively His goal: to build some muscle on a 100 percent plant-based, vegan diet.

He started out his journey only being able to rep out 13 pullups in one go. (He doesn’t count his initial dips.) But he still kept at it. Along the way, he used an app called Full Fitness to track his progress.

Doll did most of the work on a pullup bar at home, and he added dips by using gymnastics rings attached to his pullup bar.

By Day 30, he had some thoughts—and more importantly, some progress—to share.

“Often I would start at 10 p.m. when energy is low… it was terrible,” he remarked to the camera. “Spreading out the pullups throughout the day would have made more sense.”

He also realized that he often forget to stretch or warm up before his sets, and he felt like that put him at risk for injury.

“I came really close to injuring myself a couple times,” he said.

But Doll claims the challenge was a success when it came to building muscle, or at least mass. He gained six pounds of muscle through the period, going from 165.2 pounds at the start to 171.4 pounds on Day 30.

But even while he learned throughout the challenge, he still wrapped the same way he started: finishing his final set of pullups at almost 11 p.m.

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