Which animal you see first in this optical illusion reveals your ‘love language’ – see what it means for YOU

THE animal that you see first in this optical illusion appears to reveal your love language.

Eagle-eyed viewers may be able to spot a horse, a dolphin, bird, crab, a bear, a puppy, and ducklings in the picture.

Author Dr. Gary Chapman revealed a person’s love language refers to the way they give and receive expressions of love.

In his book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, Chapman said people speak at least one primary love language from these categories:  receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch.

If you see the bird in the illusion, it means you’re a type of person that’s expressive.

Rebecca Stokes, of Your Tango, said: “This doesn’t mean that you have to be the center of attention all the time or you never get shy, but it does mean you're at your best when you're with a group of people you love, talking about what matters most to you.”

Those that have spotted the crab first have a love language that’s known as physical touch.

Stokes revealed people in this category prefer holding hands rather than touching words of endearment from their partner.

Those that spotted the crab are renowned for their quirkiness and are a joy to know.

Viewers that saw the horse first are renowned for their stubbornness and their love language is known as acts of service.

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If you spotted the dolphin, it means you’re creative and your love language is physical touch.

Stokes said: “When you spend your life focusing on the world of the imagination, it's important that your romantic partner be able to ground you.”

If you managed to find the hidden ducklings, it means your love language is quality time.

Stokes said: “It means that you’re constantly looking for the things that other people miss altogether.

“As a lover, it’s important to you that you and your partner have plenty of time set aside to focus exclusively on one another.”


Viewers that found the puppy first have a love language that’s known as quality time.

It means that you're not a push-over but you are kind and nurturing and like to put others ahead of yourself.

But, viewers that spotted the bear like to receive gifts.

Stokes revealed: “You’re used to people expressing their feelings for you through tangible objects.”

Meanwhile, Oleg Shupliak’s mystical painting reveals what people fear most when in love.

If you spotted a man's face first, it means your focus and enthusiasm makes you a pleasure to be around.

But, you're scared of being seen as having emotional baggage.

If you saw the boy, you're probably a jubilant and wistful person at heart and love being around people.

You don't like being the center of attention but you also can't go without being in a crowd of familiar faces.

But what you hide in relationships is a fear of being a grown-up.

One of Shupliak’s mindboggling paintings consists of a glaring face, a musician smoking a pipe, and a horse.

What you initially see reveals what people first notice about you.

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If you noticed the horse, it means the first thing people notice is your intense eye contact.

But, those that spotted the musician means people will see your sense of humor first.

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