Who's the most followed person on Instagram? From Cristiano Ronaldo to Ariana Grande – here are the most popular accounts

INSTAGRAM has boomed into one of the most used apps in the world.

And while many of us have managed to garner a few hundred followers on the platform, celebs have raked in tens of millions – here are the most followed accounts.

Here are the top 10 most followed Instagram accounts.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 231.7million
  2. Ariana Grande – 195.4million
  3. Dwayne Johnson – 191 million
  4. Kylie Jenner – 186 million
  5. Selena Gomez – 184 million
  6. Kim Kardashian West – 180 million
  7. Leo Messi – 160 million
  8. Beyonce – 150.9 million
  9. Justin Bieber – 142m
  10. Neymar – 139 million

And here was the top 10 in July 2019.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 175.9million
  2. Ariana Grande – 159.9 million
  3. Selena Gomez – 153.7 million
  4. Dwayne Johnson – 150.2 million
  5. Kim Kardashian West – 144.1 million
  6. Kylie Jenner – 140.7 million
  7. Beyonce – 129.5 million
  8. Leo Messi – 125.8 million
  9. Neymar – 122.9 million
  10. Taylor Swift – 119.6 million

Who's the most followed person on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo reigns supreme when it comes to the most Instagram followers.

He first knocked the former champion, Selena Gomez, off the top spot last year.

She was the most followed through both 2016 and 2017, and even racked up an extra 24million followers in the 12 months between.

But the footballer has taken over with a whopping 175.9million followers compared to Selena's 153.7million.

And now he has extended that lead with 231.7million compared to Selena's 184million. She has slipped down to fifth place, coming after Ariana Grande, Dwane Johnson and Kylie Jenner.

The footballer also last year knocked Justin Bieber out of the top ten list, surpassing his 116million followers.

But the 'Where are U now' singer regained his place climbing to ninth with 142million followers this year.

It's bad news for Queen Bey, with Beyonce falling again from seventh to eighth place with 150.9million. Last year she fell from fifth to seventh.

And the battle between the Kardashians seems to be putting one in a clearer lead.

Last year it was a close race between the two sisters but the youngest Kardashian has soared into fourth place with 186million, leaving Kylie behind at sixth with 180million.

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