Woman mortified when hairdresser shares pic of her matted mane which ‘looks like she’s been on bedrest for six years’

A WOMAN was left in hysterics after her hairdresser shared a cringe “before” treatment photo which looks like she’s “been on bedrest for six years”.

In the staggering before and after shot, the woman’s hair goes from brunette and matted, to sleek, more blonde and tamed. 

TikTok user @gabbiwatkinson uploaded a video playing voice notes of her friends’ hilarious reactions to her hair before the treatment.

One pal affectionately joked that she looked like a “tramp” and another said she looked like she had been on “bedrest” for the past few years.

The woman said she had just woken up and gone into the salon, and added: “Imagine rolling over in bed and seeing that.”

She added the caption to the video “Thinking about the time my hairdresser put a before and after pic of me on Instagram” and said that she “wanted to die lol”.

Her video has racked up over 670,000 views and many people found the clip hilarious.

One said: “I am crying.”

Another commented: “I did not expect that.”

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