Women are using a bowl to create the perfect curls in bizarre TikTok hair hack

PUT away the straighteners ladies, curls are IN and if you’ve got naturally curly hair, there’s a method going viral on TikTok and you need to check it out. 

If you are struggling to make your curls look defined and glossy, this is something you will want to try.

Zia, known on TikTok as ‘curlyzia’ has taken to the social media platform to share her method for making her curls look amazing.

It’s quite random but it works, so if your curls need some TLC, listen up! 

Zia explained: “Every time I share a bowl method video so many people tell me how much it’s helped their curls.

“If you’re struggling with stringy curls, I hope this technique will help you.

“I do this every wash day.”

Zia’s method involves washing her hair as normal but then she grabs a bowl full of water and scrunches the water into her hair – dipping her hair multiple times into the bowl to constantly keep re-adding moisture to the locks.

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She said: “I apply my leave in conditioner and curl cream before dipping 4 times.

“The bowl method hydrates hair, creates curl clumps, and dilutes your product.

“It’s my favourite part of wash day!

“After this step it’s important to apply your gel/mousse or styling product to then get a hold on your natural curl pattern.” 

If you want to know more about Zia’s hair routine, she explained: “I started with an Olaplex number 3 treatment which I left in for 30 minutes before rinsing it out.

“I then did just a single shampoo which I then rinsed out and applied my conditioner.

“Then I squished the conditioner and rinsed it out.

“At this point I fill up my bowl because I won’t be using the shower any more. 

“I apply leave-in conditioner all over and then take a comb and give it a comb through.

“I then take my curl cream and apply it all over and just give it a bit of a rake and a comb through as well. 

“I then dip my hair into the water four times.

“This time I used mousse and gel and I think that really helped, so I applied mousse all over while my hair was soaking wet, scrunched it in and then used a microfibre towel to get rid of some of the excess moisture.

“I take my gel and I glaze it over and then scrunched it over.

“I used my diffuser until it was completely dry and then scrunched it out with just a little bit of oil in my hands.”

It seems numerous people were impressed with the bowl method as Zia’s video has racked up a whopping 14.1million views. 

It has 1.5milion likes, 6,212 comments and 31.5k shares. 

Many people loved the method and revealed this in the comments. 

One person said: “I did this one time and everyone thought I got a perm. Thank you.”

Another added: “Everyone thinks I’m nuts when I say my hair is curlier if I wash it upside down. Thanks for proving me right.” 

A third commented: “I’ve been doing it and it’s made my dry hair feel so much healthier!” 

However, not all users were keen on the method, particularly due to the fact of having to have your head bent over. 

One person commented: “My back hurts just watching but I need to try” to which Zia said “You do! Stand up don’t kneel it will help.” 

Another said: “My back ache said NO.” 

A third added: “My spine politely said no.” 


Zia then posted a frequently asked questions bowl method video, to address some of the questions TikTok users have asked her.

One person asked: “Is your back sore?” to which she confirmed “If you stand up rather than knel it helps!”

Another questioned: “Will this work on straight hair?” to which she said “This won’t give you curls, it’s curly hair care.” 

Someone else asked: “What’s in the bowl?” to which she said “I use warm water from the shower after washing my hair.” 

And finally, someone wondered: “Doesn’t this wash out the product?” to which Zia confirmed “It dilutes the product rather than rinsing out.” 

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