Workwear Meets Tartan for Latest Dickies Life Collection

After paying homage to the styles and designs of the wild west in its previous capsule, workwear label Dickies Life now draws on the rich history of tartan for its latest apparel collection.

From 1970s punk to the early 90s grunge scene, tartan has implemented itself as the uniform of an abundance of subcultures across the globe. In a similar vein, Dickies itself has had a role to play in the choice of clothing for various subcultures, most notably with skaters after they adopted its classic 874 work pants.

Now arriving as a five-piece unisex collection, Dickies Life combines the two to introduce its “Tartan Reworked” collection of traditional workwear silhouettes. Comprising a reworked zip-up jacket, shirt and work style pants, the capsule is doused in a vibrant color palette inspired by the decor of the legendary Hacienda club in Manchester.

Shot in and around the famed U.K. nightclub, the accompanying lookbook serves as an appropriate backdrop for the Tartan Reworked collection — a city once at the heart of the iconic and rebellious ‘Madchester’ music scene.

The Dickies Life Tartan Reworked collection is available now from the brand’s webstore.

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