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From Season 2 of “Dead to Me” to “Hollywood”

The “Star Wars” franchise — now four decades old — is full of secret cameos, soon-to-be-famous actors in small bit parts, and well-known faces behind alien masks and makeup. Here are 34 big names hidden throughout the franchise you might not have known about.


  • John Ratzenberger (“The Empire Strikes Back”) 

    Ratzenberger is best remembered as know-it-all postman Cliff Clavin from “Cheers,” or maybe his numerous voice roles in Pixar movies. In “The Empire Strikes Back,” Ratzenberger is one of the Rebel officers hanging around Echo Base on Hoth with Princess Leia and C-3PO (Anthony Daniels).


  • Treat Williams (“The Empire Strikes Back”) 

    When you’re Treat Williams, you can wander onto the set of “The Empire Strikes Back” and find yourself in the movie. Williams reportedly dropped by England’s Elstree Studios set, where the movie was being filmed, to visit Carrie Fisher. Apparently one thing led to another, and now Williams plays one of the Rebel troops running around Echo Base on Hoth.


  • Julian Glover (“The Empire Strikes Back”) 

    Julian Glover’s General Veers is probably the most competent officer available to Darth Vader as wanders the galaxy looking for the Rebels and Luke Skywalker. He’d be decidedly less competent as Grand Maester Pycelle on “Game of Thrones,” but decidedly more evil as Nazi collaborator Walter Donovan in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (you know — the guy who ages super fast after drinking from the wrong grail).


  • Tony Cox (“Return of the Jedi”) 

    In an Ewok suit, you’d never know Tony Cox appeared in “Return of the Jedi.” He wouldn’t really show off his acting chops until later when he was stealing scenes all over comedies like “Bad Santa,” where he was Billy Bob Thornton’s much-smarter mall-robbing accomplice/Christmas elf, and “Me, Myself and Irene.”


  • Deep Roy (“Return of the Jedi”) 

    It’s easiest to remember Deep Roy in the Johnny Depp-starring “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” since Roy played every orange oompa-loompa in that movie. In “Return of the Jedi,” he was both an Ewok and the puffy alien band member Droopy McCool in Jabba’s Palace. Deep Roy also worked on “The Empire Strikes Back,” acting as a stand-in for the muppet Yoda.


  • Keira Knightley (“The Phantom Menace”) 

    Knightley wasn’t just any handmaiden in “The Phantom Menace” — she was the handmaiden. Serving as the decoy for the real queen, Knightley was the actress people thought was Amidala for half the movie, before Natalie Portman’s Padmé revealed her true identity.


  • Peter Serafinowicz (“The Phantom Menace”) 

    Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will recognize Peter Seafinowicz for his turn as untrusting Nova Corps officer Garthan Saal in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” He didn’t appear in “The Phantom Menace,” but provided the gravely, frightening voice of Darth Maul (the rest of whom was played by Ray Park), as well as for a gungan warrior and a battle droid.


  • Dominic West (“The Phantom Menace”) 

    The prequel trilogy was filled with actors who would go on to do great things, but who were mostly filling small or background roles in the “Star Wars” universe. Dominic West’s character in “The Phantom Menace” was an otherwise nondescript member of Queen Amidala’s palace guard — nothing so interesting as his later turn as Jimmy McNulty on HBO’s “The Wire.”


  • Sofia Coppola (“The Phantom Menace”) 

    There really were a mess of these handmaidens. Before she was a full-time director, Sofia Coppola picked up a few small acting gigs, including the handmaiden Saché in “The Phantom Menace.” Just a few years after the 1999 movie, in 2003, Coppola would pick up a Best Director Academy Award nomination for “Lost in Translation.”


  • Sally Hawkins (“The Phantom Menace”) 

    Before she was an Academy Award-nominated actress for her role in “Blue Jasmine,” Sally Hawkins was an extra in the giant celebration scene in “The Phantom Menace.” She admitted in an interview with Conan O’Brien that she’d never actually seen the movie, despite being in it.

    Team Coco/Lucasfilm

  • Richard Armitage (“The Phantom Menace”) 

    Blink and you’d miss Richard Armitage’s small background role (second from the right in the background) among the guards on Naboo. Although, it’s tough to recognize him without the lustrous locks Armitage sported in “The Hobbit” as Thorin Oakenshield, or the creepy teeth from his turn as killer Francis Dolarhyde in “Hannibal” Season 3 on NBC.


  • Rose Byrne (“Attack of the Clones”) 

    Before she was a mainstay of the “Insidious” movies alongside Patrick Wilson or had joined the “X-Men” franchise as CIA Agent Moira MacTaggert, Rose Byrne was one of the handmaidens serving Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman) in the “Star Wars” prequels. Specifically, she was Dormé, who accompanied Padmé to Coruscant to do government things.


  • Martin Csokas (“Attack of the Clones”) 

    The “Star Wars” movies have slipped a few notable actors into the voice roles of aliens. Martin Csokas is one — he provided the voice of the Geonosian alien Poggle the Lesser in “Attack of the Clones.” Fantasy fans probably know him better as the elf Celeborn, husband to Cate Blanchett’s Galadriel in “The Lord of the Rings.”

    For more features and deep dives into the world of “Star Wars” and the culture surrounding it, be sure to check out IMDb’s “Star Wars” hub.


  • Joel Edgerton (“Attack of the Clones,” “Revenge of the Sith”) 

    Luke’s moisture-farming, humorless uncle Owen Lars was young once, but he was never not a guy who stood around a crappy homestead on Tatooine. In the prequel movies, the role was picked up by Joel Edgerton of “Loving” and “The Great Gatsby.”


  • Bai Ling (“Revenge of the Sith”) 

    Bai Ling actually doesn’t appear in “Revenge of the Sith,” but she was supposed to. Her scene as Senator Bana Breemu was cut from the film. But there are things you definitely have seen her in, including “Crank: High Voltage,” “The Crow” and “Entourage.”


  • Keisha Castle-Hughes (“Revenge of the Sith”) 

    Sometime after Padmé’s term as queen had ended by “Revenge of the Sith,” the wise people of Naboo apparently elected another teenager queen: Queen Apailana, played by Keisha Castle-Hughes. Apailana is seen at Padmé’s funeral, and Castle-Hughes is known for “The Whale Rider” and appearing on “The Walking Dead.”


  • Simon Pegg (“The Force Awakens”) 

    Another secret cameo, Pegg is covered in alien costume work as the junk dealer Unkar Plutt on Jakku. He’s the guy who gives Rei less than what her salvage is probably worth.


  • Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz (“The Force Awakens”) 

    You’d think the last thing a droid like BB-8 would require is a voice, given that he’s a robot and speaks in bleeps and bloops. But to get the sound and personality just right, director J.J. Abrams enlisted comedians Bill Hader (formerly of “SNL”) and Ben Schwartz (well-known for playing Jean-Ralphio on “Parks and Rec”).


  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster (“The Force Awakens”) 

    “Game of Thrones” might have noticed a familiar First Order officer during shots of the bridge of the Starkiller Base. It was Jojen Reed, Bran Stark’s loyal friend, who also plays Newt in the “Maze Runner” franchise.


  • Daniel Craig (“The Force Awakens”) 

    It was something of a news item at the time, but James Bond slipped in a secret cameo in the first “Star Wars” film in a decade — as a stormtrooper. He’s the guard that Rei manages to Jedi mind trick into releasing her.


  • Billie Lourd (“The Force Awakens”) 

    Billie Lourd sneaked into Lucasfilm’s revival of “Star Wars” as Lt. Connix, one of the Resistance fighters running tactical machinery in the base of General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher). Known for her hilarious turn as Chanel No. 3 on the horror-comedy series “Scream Queens,” she’s also Fisher’s daughter.


  • Harriet Walter (“The Force Awakens”) 

    Playing a Resistance medic who helps out Chewbacca, “Downton Abbey” alumna Harriet Walter gets a short but sweet cameo in “The Force Awakens.” She actually has one of the movie’s funnier moments as she talks to Chewie about how scary his ordeal must have been.


  • Rian Johnson (“Rogue One”)  

    The director of 2017’s “The Last Jedi” actually made a cameo in 2016’s “Rogue One” along with producer Ram Bergman as members of the gunner crew of the Death Star.


  • Justin Theroux (“The Last Jedi”) 

    Casting “The Leftovers” star Justin Theroux as the unnamed super-great slicer Finn and Rose are looking for is a fun cameo that winds up being a misdirection and a fun joke. Instead, the pair find Benicio del Toro’s DJ to take over the job.


  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“The Last Jedi”) 

    Director Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt collaborated on the 2005 movie “Brick,” the director’s first feature-length movie. JGL makes the most of their friendship by voicing an alien in the “Star Wars” universe called Slowen Lo, a riff on the Beastie Boys song “Slow & Low.” He’s the guy who’s really upset about Finn and Rose’s bad parking job.

  • Tom Hardy (“The Last Jedi”) 

    Taking a page from Daniel Craig’s cameo in “The Force Awakens,” Tom Hardy grabbed a stormtrooper uniform to appear in “The Last Jedi.” His scene (which also featured Princes William and Harry) was deleted, unfortunately, but it finds him in an elevator with an incognito Finn, Rose and DJ as they sneak around the First Order ship midway through the movie. Hardy’s trooper recognizes Finn and congratulates him on the promotion his uniform suggests, even giving him a supportive smack on the butt.

  • Ralph Ineson (“The Last Jedi”) 

    Another famous face appearing in the deleted sequence aboard the First Order ship is Ralph Ineson, star of “The Witch.” He plays an officer who immediately recognizes that Finn and Rose don’t belong. He pops up later with a detachment of stormtroopers to catch the impostors for real.


  • Gareth Edwards (“The Last Jedi”) 

    Edwards gave Rian Johnson a cameo in “Rogue One,” so the director repaid the favor by making Edwards one of the Resistance troopers standing their ground on Crait. He’s the guy who looks incredulously at the trooper who decided to taste the ground.


  • Clint Howard (“Solo”) 

    Director Ron Howard’s brother Clint is a well-known actor whose career goes all the back to the original “Star Trek” series. He pops up in a cameo role, as seen in this photo from his Twitter account, as a particularly mean guy in “Solo” who runs a droid fighting pit — and gets a rough talking to by Lando’s droid companion, L3.


  • Jon Favreau (“Solo”) 

    The “Iron Man” director (who also plays Happy Hogan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and star of “Swingers” doesn’t fully appear in “Solo,” but his voice does — he plays Rio Durant, the multi-armed member of Tobias Beckett’s crew. Favreau gets to be the jokey member of the heist crew in the movie and acts as pilot, despite Han complaining that he wants the job.


  • Jodie Comer (“The Rise of Skywalker”) 

    Comer, of “Killing Eve” fame, made a very surprising appearance in flashbacks as Rey’s mom.

  • John Williams (“The Rise of Skywalker”) 

    Williams has provided the score for every main series “Star Wars” film, but he’d never done a cameo in any of them until he popped up in the bar on Kijimi where our heroes meet Babu Frik.

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda (“The Rise of Skywalker”) 

    The “Hamilton” and “In the Heights” creator wrote a song for “The Force Awakens,” but this time around he got to actually appear on screen for a very brief moment during the Resistance’s celebration at the end of the film

  • The “Star Wars” franchise is full of famous people you had no idea were there

    The “Star Wars” franchise — now four decades old — is full of secret cameos, soon-to-be-famous actors in small bit parts, and well-known faces behind alien masks and makeup. Here are 34 big names hidden throughout the franchise you might not have known about.

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    New On Netflix In May 2020: More Movies, Anime, TV Shows, And Originals

    While the COVID-19 global pandemic has many people stuck at home, we’re all watching a lot more Netflix right now. Luckily, the streaming service won’t be delaying any of its upcoming original content, so it’s business as usual. So it’s time to take a look ahead to plan your binge-watch schedule and see what’s coming to Netflix in May.

    On May 1, Netflix is releasing plenty of movies you’ll want to watch again. Celebrate a couple of the greatest time travel movies of all time, as you will be able to watch the adventures of Marty McFly almost hooking up with his mother in Back to the Future. Then, visit the far future of 2015 in Back to the Future II. Sadly, the third movie in the franchise will not be available. Additionally, you can check out the first three Underworld movies if you’re into something a bit more action-packed.

    If you’re interested in anime–or something resembling anime–there are a couple selections to keep your eye on. First, on May 7, Season 2 of Scissor Seven arrives. The series follows a hairdresser who moonlights as a hit man. Does that found bizarre enough for you? Also, on May 28, Dorohedoro is coming to Netflix. The post-apocalyptic story is about Caiman, who was cursed by a wizard that gave him the head of a lizard. However, he has amnesia and is trying to remember his former life. He and a friend go on an adventure to hunt down sorcerers in this violent story.

    Finally, on May 12, Netflix is digging back into the world of interactive television with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. the Reverend. The one-shot special will have viewers make decisions for Kimmy as she is about to marry a prince, but has to foil a reverend’s evil plot.

    Below, you’ll find everything coming to Netflix in May, and for more streaming news, check out everything coming to Disney+ and Hulu for the month of May.

    And speaking of things you should be watching, consider listening to GameSpot’s weekly TV series and movies-focused podcast, You Should Be Watching. With new episodes premiering every Wednesday, you can watch a video version of the podcast over on GameSpot Universe or listen to audio versions on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and Apple Podcasts.

    Netflix News

    • New To Netflix This Week (April 12-18): Anime, Movie, TV Shows, And Originals
    • New On Netflix In April 2020: The Big Show Show, The Matrix, New Movies, TV Shows, And Originals
    • Netflix Party Lets You Watch With Friends Online, Like An AOL Chatroom With Movies

    New To Netflix In May 2020:

    May 1

    • All Day and a Night
    • Almost Happy
    • Get In
    • Go! Go! Cory Carson: The Chrissy
    • The Half Of It
    • Hollywood
    • Into the Night
    • Medici: The Magnificent: Part 2
    • Mrs. Serial Killer
    • Reckoning: Season 1
    • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    • Back to the Future
    • Back to the Future Part II
    • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    • Cracked Up, The Darrell Hammond Story
    • Den of Thieves
    • For Colored Girls
    • Fun with Dick & Jane
    • I Am Divine
    • Jarhead
    • Jarhead 2: Field of Fire
    • Jarhead 3: The Siege
    • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
    • Masha and the Bear: Season 4
    • Material
    • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun: Season 1
    • Sinister
    • Song of the Sea
    • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    • The Heartbreak Kid
    • The Patriot
    • Thomas & Friends: Marvelous Machinery: A New Arrival
    • Thomas & Friends: Marvelous Machinery: World of Tomorrow
    • Thomas & Friends: Thomas and the Royal Engine
    • Underworld
    • Underworld: Evolution
    • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
    • Urban Cowboy
    • What a Girl Wants
    • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

    May 4

    • Arctic Dogs

    May 5

    • Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours To Kill

    May 6

    • Workin’ Moms: Season 4

    May 7

    • Scissor Seven: Season 2

    May 8

    • 18 regali
    • Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt
    • Dead to Me: Season 2
    • The Eddy
    • The Hollow: Season 2
    • House at the End of the Street
    • Restaurants on the Edge: Season 2
    • Rust Valley Restorers: Season 2
    • Valeria

    May 9

    • Charmed: Season 2
    • Grey’s Anatomy: Season 16

    May 11

    • Bordertown: Season 3
    • Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics
    • Trial By Media

    May 12

    • True: Terrific Tales
    • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. the Reverend (Interactive special)

    May 13

    • The Wrong Missy

    May 14

    • Riverdale: Season 4

    May 15

    • Chichipatos
    • District 9
    • I Love You, Stupid
    • Inhuman Resources
    • Magic for Humans: Season 3
    • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 5
    • White Lines

    May 16

    • La reina de Indias y el conquistador
    • Public Enemies
    • United 93

    May 17

    • Soul Surfer

    May 18

    • The Big Flower Fight

    May 19

    • Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything
    • Sweet Magnolias (2020)
    • Trumbo

    May 20

    • Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall
    • The Flash: Season 6
    • Rebelión de los Godinez

    May 22

    • Control Z
    • History 101
    • Just Go With It
    • Selling Sunset: Season 2
    • Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series: Season 2

    May 23

    • Dynasty: Season 3

    May 25

    • Ne Zha
    • Norm of the North: Family Vacation
    • Uncut Gems

    May 26

    • Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

    May 27

    • I’m No Longer Here
    • The Lincoln Lawyer

    May 28

    • Dorohedoro
    • La corazonada

    May 29

    • Space Force
    • Somebody Feed Phil: Season 3

    May 31

    • High Strung Free Dance

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    Lorraine Kelly ‘confirms’ spot on Strictly Come Dancing 2020 with cryptic clue

    Strictly Come Dancing is set to return later this year as BBC bosses continue to keep an eye on the ongoing global crisis. This, however, hasn’t stopped fans speculating which celebrities will be taking part, but ITV favourite Lorraine Kelly has set tongue’s wagging with a cryptic clue, forcing fans to believe she is all signed up for the show. 


    BBC bosses have put Strictly Come Dancing fans minds at ease recently after fears the show would be cancelled due to the current coronavirus pandemic. 

    The show has said they will continue to monitor the current situation and government guidelines, but as of right now they won’t be cancelling the upcoming series. 

    A BBC spokesperson told “We are of course looking at contingency plans and what happens in what eventuality bearing in mind we don’t know what the guidelines will be in three weeks, let alone five months.”

    Bosses have also revealed the line-up of professional dancers last month and said the celebrities will be announced in the summer. 


    • Strictly Come Dancing: Made in Chelsea star drops hint they’ll sign up

    This has just made Strictly fans more eager to spot the clues and guess which of their favourite celebrities will be taking part. 

    Lorraine Kelly has always been a viewer favourite, with her early morning show, but since the lockdown, the presenter has been joining the Good Morning Britain cast in place of her normal 9am show. 

    The presenter, however, has sent fans wild with speculation after posting a video to her social media of her dancing. 

    TV presenters have always done well with Strictly Come Dancing fans, whether that be Kate Garraway or BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty, so Lorraine is a shoo-in if the rumours are true. 

    The odds on Lorraine taking part in the 2020 series of the BBC show have now been slashed, making it more and more likely she is indeed taking part. 

    The video Lorraine posted wasn’t just of her dancing, but of her dancing with one of the professional dancers from the BBC show. 

    Ever since she posted the video, the bookies are taking bets of 4/1, down from 10/1, that Lorraine will be taking part.

    Lorraine isn’t the only presenter that has been hinted at this year, there have also been calls for BBC Newsreader, Huw Edwards, and BBC Breakfast star Louise Minchin after she took part in a recent Sport Relief challenge. 

    Kevin Clifton admits being ‘pushed to the back’ in show admission [TV ROW]
    Alex Jones takes swipe at Strictly’s Anton Du Beke live on-air [SHOCK]
    Oti Mabuse addresses future of Strictly after co-star spills on plans [REVEALED]

    If Lorraine is in fact named as one of the celebrities, could she go on to win the 2020 series? 

    But who else could be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing 2020?

    Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing was paired up with professional dancer Oti Mabuse last year, before an accident landed him in a cast and unable to perform. 

    Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher was asked to step in and he and Oti eventually went on to win the show. 


    • Strictly Come Dancing ‘number one target’ for 2020 series exposed?

    It seems Jamie’s time on the show isn’t up just yet though and BoyleSports currently have the reality star at 7/1 odds of joining again. 

    Sarah Kinsella, Spokesperson for BoyleSports commented: “Jamie Laing missed out on Dancing On Ice and now punters are backing him to take part in Strictly Come Dancing instead.

    “The reality TV star is now 4/5 favourite from 7/4, placing him ahead of Jack P Shepherd from Coronation Street at even money and Lorraine Kelly at 4/1.”

    Only time will tell which celebrities will be taking part, but for now, the speculation must continue. 

    Strictly Come Dancing will return to BBC One later this year. 

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    'Extraction' Review: Chris Hemsworth Broods in this Ho-Hum, Non-Stop Shoot 'Em Up

    “Sounds like some mythic shit!” So says Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), the brooding hero of Extraction, when he’s tasked with his latest job. That’s actually a pretty wordy sentence for Tyler, who spends most of the film grumbling monosyllabically and silently shooting people. Lots and lots of people. In fact, Extraction might as well be retitled Chris Hemsworth Shoots People. Sadly, despite Tyler’s promise of some “mythic shit”, Extraction is little more than a predictable action-thriller – a film that gets by with some admittedly cool shoot outs and fights, but ultimately has nothing on its mind.

    Who is Tyler Rake? Well, we know he’s a cool, tough guy, because he’s played by Chris Hemsworth. And we know he’s also a damaged soul, because he’s constantly thinking about his dead son, when he’s not popping pills. And that’s pretty much it. Tyler isn’t exactly a great guy – he’s a black market mercenary who is very good at murdering people. But ultimately, he’ll do the right thing. Why? Because the script, by Russo Brother Joe Russo, requires him to.

    Rake’s latest deadly mission requires him to rescue Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) the teenage son of a crime lord who has been kidnapped by another crime lord. It’s not going to be easy, as the kidnapper has an entire army at his disposal, as well as a gang of street kids ready to do his bidding. To further complicate matters, Ovi’s imprisoned father has tasked bodyguard Saju (Randeep Hooda) with rescuing the boy as well. Soon, all of these characters are colliding as Rake moves Ovi from one place to the next, and the bullets fly.

    And boy do they fly. One thing that can be said of Extraction: it’s never boring, because it never really lets up. Hemsworth’s hero is constantly shooting big, loud guns, and people are constantly shooting big, loud guns at him. And when the gunfights pause, a few knife-and-fist-fights break out as well. What’s curious about this is how unexciting it all is. Sure, Extraction never slows down, and therefore avoids dragging, but none of the action here is particularly thrilling. One might want to argue that director Sam Hargrave was attempting to make his action scenes raw and brutal in an attempt to not glorify violence, but it’s pretty clear that’s not what the movie is going for. It wants its big action beats to have you on the edge of your seat. But they don’t.

    The only truly stand-out section is a very lengthy sequence designed to resemble one extremely long take – one that sees Hemsworth running, driving, jumping, and shooting up and down a city block. It’s fairly well-staged, although don’t be surprised if you spend a lot of time trying to spot the tricks and hidden edits used to splice it all together.

    There are moments where Extraction tries to rise above its pulpy aspirations. Russo’s script actually takes the time to develop many of the characters around Tyler Rake, including the oldest member of the street kid gang, who is desperate to please his boss; and the kidnapper pulling the strings, who is portrayed as a stylish, ominous guy with influence everywhere. Randeep Hooda makes the biggest impression as the other guy trying to rescue Ovi – he’s far more sympathetic than Tyler, and he’s equally good at kicking ass. Late in the film, David Harbour shows up as one of Tyler’s old buddies, and makes the most of an extremely limited role. We’ve seen Harbour play this type of character before, but he’s still fun to watch.

    Hemsworth is an inherently likable actor, so it’s easy to go along with him here. But as the recent Thor and Avengers titles have revealed, he’s much better at playing a character with a sense of humor than a dour tough guy. Sadly, Extraction requires him to only be the latter – there’s nothing even remotely humorous about Tyler Rake (other than his name).

    Bathed in a sickly yellow filter from beginning to end, Extraction is often as ugly as its subject matter. It would be wrong to call this film nihilistic, but it’s also so unconcerned with collateral damage that it begins to border on unresponsible. A lengthy action sequence on a packed bridge results in several innocent bystanders caught in traffic to be shot, blown up, and worse, and the film – nor any of the characters – never blinks an eye. And having Hemsworth be the sole white face constantly causing all this destruction in a foreign land adds an extra level of ugliness that the movie has no interest in commenting on.

    As far as disposable action flicks go, Extraction makes good on its promise of seeing Chris Hemsworth kill a lot of people. Maybe that’s good enough for a direct-to-Netflix release, but wouldn’t it be nice if all of this mayhem actually added up to something in the end?

    /Film Rating: 5 out of 10

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    All the Hollywood Films Arriving on Demand Early Because of the Coronavirus

    “Scoob!” joins a list of big films heading to digital home entertainment platforms early

    Since most U.S. movie theaters have shuttered in response to the coronavirus pandemic, studios are rushing out VOD home releases of movies that were only just in theaters.

    “Trolls World Tour” The sequel to the 2017 animated hit announced it would be available for digital download on April 10 — the same day it was supposed to land in theaters. Now it’s a VOD exclusive.

    “Birds of Prey”  The Margot Robbie spinoff of 2017’s “Suicide Squad” debuted on demand on March 24. The film grossed $84 million since opening on Feb. 4.

    “The Hunt”  The Universal/Blumhouse horror film was first delayed from release last fall due to controversy over its violent content — and then sidelined after its March 13 opening by the coronavirus. It’s available to stream now.

    “The Invisible Man” The Universal horror film starring Elisabeth Moss grossed nearly $65 million since its Feb. 26 release in theaters. It’s available to stream now.

    “Emma.” Focus Features’ adaptation of the Jane Austen novel opened in limited release Feb. 21 — and picked up $10 million in ticket sales until the pandemic shut down theaters. It’s available to stream now.

    “Bloodshot” The Vin Diesel comic-book movie opened March 6 and grossed $10 million before theaters shut down. It’s available on VOD now.

    “I Still Believe” Lionsgate’s biopic starring K.J. Apa as Christian music star Jeremy Camp hit VOD on March 27 — just two weeks after it opened in theaters.

    “The Way Back” Warner Bros. released the Ben Affleck drama “The Way Back” — which grossed $13 million in theaters since its March 6 opening — on VOD less than three weeks later, on March 24.

    “Onward”Disney and Pixar’s animated feature was made available for purchase on Friday, March 20, and the film hit Disney+ on April 3. 

    “Sonic the Hedgehog”Paramount Pictures’ “Sonic the Hedgehog” set a new record for video game adaptations with a $58 million domestic opening weekend on Feb. 14 and has grossed $306 million worldwide theatrically. It’s available on demand now.

    “The Call of the Wild”20th Century Studios’ feel-good film starring Harrison Ford and a giant CGI dog is available on demand now.

    “Downhill”Barely escaping an avalanche during a family ski vacation, a married couple (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell) is thrown into disarray as they are forced to reevaluate their lives and how they feel about each other. It’s available on demand now.

    “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”“Never Rarely Sometimes Always” is the story of two teenage cousins from rural Pennsylvania who journey to New York City to seek an abortion. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and walked away with a Special Jury award. It will be available for VOD on April 3.

    “Endings, Beginnings”“Endings, Beginnings,” a romantic drama from Drake Doremus starring Shailene Woodley, Sebastian Stan and Jamie Dornan, will open early on digital on April 17 and on demand on May 1. It was meant to open theatrically on May 1.

    “To the Stars”“To the Stars,” a period drama set in 1960s Oklahoma that stars Kara Hayward, Liana Liberato, Jordana Spiro, Shea Whigham, Malin Akerman and  Tony Hale, was bumped up to a digital release on April 24 and an on demand release on June 1. Martha Stephens directed the film that premiered at Sundance in 2019 and was meant to be released theatrically by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

    “Impractical Jokers: The Movie”truTV’s first-ever feature-length film is arrived early on digital on April 1. Follow James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, Joe Gatto, and Sal Vulvano, aka The Tenderloins, playing themselves in a fictional story of a humiliating high school mishap from the early ’90s.

    “Artemis Fowl”Disney’s adaptation of the Eoin Colfer fantasy novel “Artemis Fowl” was meant to debut in theaters on May 29 but will now premiere exclusively on Disney+. The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars Colin Farrell and Judi Dench.

    “The Infiltrators”The theatrical release of Oscilloscope’s docu-thriller “The Infiltrators” has been postponed, and the film will be released on both Cable On Demand and Digital Platforms starting June 2.

    “Working Man”The March 27 theatrical release of “Working Man” has been canceled due to the theater closures, and the film will now premiere on May 5 via Video On Demand.

    “Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story”“Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story,” a sports documentary executive produced by NBA star Steph Curry, will be made available for streaming on the new service Altavod between April 16-18 for $7.99 and is available for pre-order beginning April 9. 10% of all the proceeds will be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts. The documentary tells the story of the player, Kenny Sailors, who pioneered the jump shot, and it features interviews with Curry, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Clark Kellogg, Bobby Knight and more.

    “Scoob!” Warner Bros. announced on April 11 that it will release the family animated film “Scoob!” for digital ownership and premium video on-demand on May 15, making it the second film (after Universal’s “Trolls World Tour”) to cancel a planned theatrical release and head straight to home release pandemic.
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    Stars Who Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus (Photos)

    Tom Hanks, Idris Elba and Prince Charles have all come down with COVID-19

    As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread, even the Hollywood community has been affected. From actors to executives, here is a list of confirmed celebrity coronavirus cases.

    Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson announced they both tested positive for the coronavirus in Australia while filming their Elvis Presley biopic. The couple isolated themselves and are keeping their spirits up, sharing their experience on Instagram.

    Former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko posted on Instagram Sunday that she was self-quarantining after testing positive for the coronavirus. She appeared in “Quantum of Solace” opposite Daniel Craig in 2008 and in the sci-fi movie “Oblivion.”

    Idris Elba posted a video on Twitter Monday saying that he tested positive for the coronavirus. The British actor said he is asymptomatic and encourages people to stay pragmatic.

    Lucian Grainge, longtime chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, tested positive for the coronavirus and has been hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. On April 6, he sent a memo to staff saying he was going to make a full recovery. 

    Kristofer Hivju posted on Instagram Monday that he tested positive for the coronavirus. The “Game of Thrones” alum is set to star on season 2 of Netflix’s “The Witcher.” 

    Rachel Matthews, the voice of Honeymaren in “Frozen II” and an actress known for “Looking for Alaska” and “Happy Death Day 2 You,” said in a series of posts on her Instagram story (via Page Six) that she tested positive for the coronavirus. Matthews described her symptoms over the course of a week in her posts and added that she found tests for the virus “INSANELY hard to come by.”  

    Kevin Durant, a two-time NBA Finals MVP and currently a player for the Brooklyn Nets, was one of four players who tested positive for the coronavirus, according to The Athletic. “Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and quarantine. We’re going to get through this,” he told The Athletic.

    Actor Daniel Dae Kim announced on Instagram Thursday that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. “For all those out there, especially teenagers and millennials who think this is not serious, please know that it is,” the former “Lost” and “Hawaii Five-0” star pleaded. He has since recovered from the virus.

    Prince Albert of Monaco is the first known head of state to contract the coronavirus.

    Sean Payton told ESPN he tested positive for the coronavirus. He is the first confirmed case in the NFL

    Colton Underwood, former star of “The Bachelor,” revealed in a Twitter video that despite being 28-years-old and healthy, he still tested positive for the coronavirus.  

    Andy Cohen, host of “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo, announced he tested positive on March 20.

    Actress Debi Mazar (“Goodfellas,” “Younger”) announced on March 21 that she had tested positive for COVID-19. “Today my lungs are heavy, but I’m tough,” she wrote. “I can breath, and I’m going to heal here, in my own home! My family is under quarantine for 14 days.”

    Opera legend Placido Domingo announced on March 22 that he tested positive for COVID-19. “Together we can fight this virus and stop the current worldwide crisis, so we can hopefully return to our normal daily lives very soon,” he wrote on Facebook.

    “Les Miserables” actor Aaron Tveit announced he tested positive for the virus in a lengthy Instagram post. “I consider myself extremely lucky that my symptoms have been very mild,” he wrote.

    Sen. Rand Paul became the first U.S. senator to test positive for the virus Sunday.

    Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the virus in prison, according to a report from the Niagara Gazette.

    “Game of Thrones” actress Indira Varma revealed she was sick with the virus last week.

    Daytime Emmy Award winner Greg Rikaart (“The Young and the Restless”) announced on Instagram that he tested positive for the coronavirus. “Nice try coronavirus, but I have another 4-5 decades worth of experiences to have with these guys,” he wrote, referring to his husband and son.

    Playwright Terrence McNally died of coronavirus-related complications on March 24.

    Houston rapper Slim Thug said in an Instagram video posted on March 24 that he tested positive for coronavirus.

    Prince Charles, the first in line to the British throne, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus but remains in “good health,” his office announced on Wednesday.

    Jackson Browne, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, also announced that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. He is recuperating in his Los Angeles home.

    In a memo to staff Thursday, NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell revealed he had tested positive for the coronavirus and “improving every day.”

    Chef Floyd Cardoz died of coronavirus complications on March 25. He won the third season of “Top Chef Masters” and appeared in numerous other cooking programs. He was 59.

    Mark Blum, who starred in “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “You,” died of coronavirus complications on March 26. He was 69.

    ESPN NBA analyst and reporter Doris Burke revealed Friday she tested positive for the coronavirus, and that it took eight days for her to get her results. Fortunately, she has been symptom-free.

    Chuck Billy, frontman for the thrash-metal band Testament, told Rolling Stone, “I had an achy body, headaches, coughing, tight chest, I lost my sense of smell and taste — the whole thing.” A few days later, he and his wife Tiffany learned they had the coronavirus.

    Houston rapper Scarface revealed in a livestream with Geto Boys’ bandmate Willie D. that he tested positive for COVID-19 after having symptoms that began with the lack of taste and smell.

    Adam Schlesinger, the songwriter best known for his work with the rock band Fountains of Wayne and the TV show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” has been hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms. Sadly, the 52-year-old rocker died on April 1.

    Chris Cuomo announced on March 31 he tested positive for the coronavirus. The anchor has been hosting the show from his basement. Cuomo also revealed shortly after his own diagnosis that his wife too tested positive.

    Tennis commentator Patrick McEnroe announced March 31 he tested positive for the coronavirus. The brother of John McEnroe says he quarantined himself in his basement and is “feeling fine.”

    Eddie Large, one-half of the comedy duo Little and Large, contracting coronavirus while hospitalized for heart failure. Sadly, he died on April 2 at age 78.

    Jim Edmonds, MLB player turned “Real Housewives of Orange County” star, said he tested positive for both pneumonia and the coronavirus but is “completely symptom-free” now.

    Actress Ali Wentworth, who is married to ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, revealed on Instagram she tested positive for the coronavirus and “has never been sicker.” She is quarantined from her family.

    Tony-award winning actor Brian Stokes Mitchell tweeted he tested positive for the coronavirus and was self-isolating. He added he was feeling better and “over the hump.” 

    “Love Song” singer and Broadway star of the musical “Waitress” Sara Bareilles revealed she had tested positive for the virus and is already feeling better, she said in an Instagram story Friday.

    CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin tested positive for coronavirus despite practicing social distancing. “I am okay,” she posted on Instagram. “It came on suddenly yesterday afternoon. Chills, aches, fever. I’ve been social distancing. Doing ALL the things we’re being told to do. Still — it got me.”

    Christopher Cross, the singer-songwriter best known for “Sailing,” announced he tested positive for cornonavirus in a lengthy Instagram post. “Although I am fortunate enough to be cared for at home, this is possibly the worst illness I’ve ever had,” he wrote.

    The pop singer Pink revealed on Twitter that she tested positive for coronavirus but said that after two weeks of self-isolating, she then tested negative for COVID-19 and had recovered. Pink then agreed to donate $1 million split among two different crisis relief funds.

    The singer and songwriter Marianne Faithfull, who came to fame as part of the 1960s British Invasion with her single “As Tears Go By,” was hospitalized in London after testing positive for the coronavirus, her reps told Rolling Stone. “She is stable and responding to treatment. We all wish her well and a full and speedy recovery,” the reps said in the statement. 

    Duran Duran singer John Taylor announced on Facebook that he had tested positive for coronavirus — and fully recovered. “I want to let you know that it isn’t always a killer, and we can and will beat this thing,” he wrote.

    Reality TV star Todd Chrisley (“Chrisley Knows Best”) revealed he tested positive for the coronavirus on his podcast. “It has been the sickest I have ever been on this earth,” he said. “Hopefully, I will get better every day, but as of right now, folks, I still am not clicking on all cylinders.”

    “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jennifer Aydin revealed she tested positive for the coronavirus after asking her husband — a plastic surgeon — to bring home a test. The reality TV star has been quarantining herself away from her five children.

    “Fox & Friends” weekend host Jedidiah Bila said on Instagram that she has been recovering from her coronavirus diagnosis while absent from the air. The former “View” host said she’s “very much on the mend.”

    Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds told his Instagram followers on April 10, which is also his birthday, that he and his family tested positive for COVID-19 but have since recovered. “It’s an incredibly scaring thing to go through my friends,” he wrote.

    Country music singer Sturgill Simpson posted a photo on Instagram On April 11 of him lying on a hospital bed, wearing a face mask. “After almost one month without any symptoms, I received a call from the Nashville CDC stating that my test resulted in a positive detection for Covid-19,” he wrote.

    “Good Morning America” anchor George Stephanopoulos announced he tested positive for the coronavirus just a few days after his wife, Ali Wentworth, revealed her diagnosis. Fortunately, the tv host says he has been asymptomatic and is “feeling great.”

    Wreckless Eric, the ’70s pop rock star and singer of the track “Whole Wide World,” revealed in a blog post on April 19 that he tested positive for coronavirus after weeks of experiencing symptoms but being unable to receive a test. “I haven’t actually been very well in the past three or four weeks – chest and rib pains, cough, low level fever, intermittent headaches – I was pretty sure it must be the virus though I was told the only way I could get confirmation of this was by presenting myself at the emergency room, death’s door, sick to the point of dying, ready to be hospitalised…No f—ing thank you.” Wreckless Eric, real name Eric Goulden, revealed that though he tested positive his wife did not.

    CNN International anchor Richard Quest revealed via Twitter on April 20 that he “caught coronavirus. I am blessed in that I have few symptoms – just a cough.”

    Broadway star Danny Burstein said in a video interview with “CBS This Morning” on April 21 that he had just been released from the hospital after a five-day stay. He told the morning show that he will “absolutely” return to the stage once he is healthy and theaters reopen.
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    Katie Price filmed checking into rehab in brutally honest trailer for her reality show ahead of special episode – The Sun

    KATIE Price has revealed she checked into rehab in a trailer for a special edition of her reality show, My Crazy Life.

    The mum-of-five is seen bravely admitting she had decided to check in and it was something that had “been brewing for a while”.

    Speaking to the camera, Katie frankly says: “I’ve decided to check in as an in patient. It’s been something that’s been brewing for a while, there’s only so much I can take as a human being.”

    Later in the trailer Katie is seen sitting on a sofa chatting to a friend as she admits: “Everything just got to me and the only reason I'm still sitting here now is because of my children.”

    The 41-year-old went on to reveal that although she feels like she’s been to hell and back, she’s starting to feel like herself again.

    Katie is also seen realising that everyone is in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Sitting on the bed, she tells her friend on the phone: “I’ve come out of the hospital and realising where’s everyone gone? And everyone has isolated themselves.”

    Viewers can watch the one-off special on Monday 4th May on Quest Red.

    Katie is proving once and for all she's a tough cookie after revealing she "took more beastings than anyone" on gruelling reality series Celeb SAS: Who Dares Wins.

    The mum of five took the brunt of ex military man Ant Middleton's fury during the first episode, and told The Sun Online she hopes viewers will now understand "my life is more than a car crash."

    In Monday night's explosive episode Katie shocked fans as she revealed a fresh kidnap threat shortly before she joined the show.

    She was also involved in a face-off with Ant's officer, Jason Fox, after which she was told she would give an "aspirin a headache" after her constant retorts.

    Katie, who was also struggling with her mum's terminal lung disease diagnosis a year earlier, was also told to "shut the f**k up" after uttering a simple cough.

    Later on, she was targeted by boss Ant for not filling up her water bottle properly.

    Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online after the episode, the brave star said: “I hope now that people will understand that there is more to my life than just a car crash – I took the beastings and didn't give up.

    "When I was told that I would 'even give Aspirin a headache' I had no come back – I thought: respect due, he has a point!

    "I’m not used to someone else getting in a better one liner than me – I got upstaged by my Staff Commander, and fair play – he was right.

    "I took more beastings than anyone –I learnt fast that there was no room for messing up."

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    Netflix Founder Reed Hastings Got a $2.5 Million Raise in 2019 – Ted Sarandos' Raise Doubled That

    CEO Hastings earned $38.6 million last year, his chief content officer made $34.7 million

    Getty Images

    Netflix executives Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos both made millions more in 2019 than they did in 2018.

    The streaming giant’s founder and CEO, Hastings, tallied $38.6 million, according to an SEC filing — a $2.5 million increase from the previous year. Chief Content Officer Sarandos saw a $5.1 million bump to $34.7 million.

    While Hastings has *only* paid himself $700,000 in salary over the past two years, Sarandos’ salary soared from $12 million to $18 million year over year.

    Hastings’ money comes from options, where he made $37.4 million in 2019 — about $2 million more than he posted in 2018. A additional $465,000 or so came under the “all other compensation” heading.

    Sarandos’ option awards were valued at $16.6 million for 2019, which is about $1 million less than 2018.

    Netflix reported its Q1 2020 earnings on Tuesday. The company added a record 16 million subscribers in the quarter.

    More to come…

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    Ross Kemp to explore Britain's coronavirus 'volunteer army' in new doc

    Ross Kemp is set to front a new programme celebrating Britain’s ‘volunteer army’ who are looking after those in need and keeping the country going during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Despite facing criticism for his recent ITV show On The NHS Frontline, the actor will celebrate the ‘heroic efforts of the country’s 750,000 volunteers during the current Covid-19 crisis.

    The upcoming BBC episode – titled Ross Kemp: Britain’s Volunteer Army – will see the former EastEnders volunteer in his own community as well as meet people trying to make a difference across the country.

    ‘It makes me immensely proud to see the British public mobilising in their thousands to come to the assistance of the vulnerable in our society, and the NHS, in their time of need,’ Ross enthused.

    ‘This pandemic has produced all sorts of unlikely heroes and it will be a real privilege to meet some of them and celebrate their selfless work.’

    The announcement of the new programme comes after Ross defended his ITV show On The NHS Frontline, which saw the former soap star film in a hospital where families had been unable to visit their ill loved ones.

    He told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain ‘In terms of the PPE, we used one set, and we brought more than that, and we left it behind, and it’s exactly the same standard. So they were happy with what we did.’

    ‘At no point we were a drain on resources,’ Ross insisted, adding: ‘And only myself and the cameraman actually went in to the ICU.

    ‘We were there for a very short time – under half an hour.’

    Besides Ross’s new documentary, the BBC has also commissioned new factual programmes including Our Finest Hours, which will look at other times that the nation has pulled together during a crisis.

    HealthCheckUK will also offer guidance on the mental and physical challenges presented by the lockdown.

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    Emmerdale spoilers: Will Taylor to double cross Cain and Billy by siding with DI Malone?

    Emmerdale is never short of drama and where DI Malone (played by Mark Womack) is involved, there is plenty of it. But have his illegal games finally rubbed off on push-over Will Taylor (Dean Andrews)?

    The corrupt cop has caused quite the stir in the village since his arrival, exerting his power over Will, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzel) by making them reluctantly carry out illegal favours for him.

    The whole debacle between the three men and the detective began as Will become increasingly anxious that someone was after him.

    Keeping a gun close for protection, Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) came across the weapon and persuaded Cain to get rid of it for her, and that’s when things went from bad to worse for the iconic village bad boy.

    When he accidentally shot his estranged son Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) at the farm after mistaking him for a rustler, all eyes were on how Nate ended up in the state he was in.


    • Charley Webb breaks down in tears in emotional lockdown admission

    But as he refused to give Cain up in a noble bid to make amends with his dad after his revenge affair with Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb), DI Malone arrived and threatened to lock him away if he didn’t start doing dodgy jobs at his convenience.

    And as time went on and Billy got caught up in the trouble, it hasn’t been looking good for the trio.

    As Malone applies even more pressure onto the boys, will Will flip over to the other side in a bid to save his own skin?

    In coming episodes, the police officer tells his stooges about a new job that could be very dangerous for them all.

    Knowing first hand the extent of the detective’s side projects, they can’t help but feel apprehensive but know they have no choice but to partake.

    Later, Will arrives at the destination of his job and is left shocked when he realises the scale of the drug order he’s being told to courier.

    Will it all go pear-shaped for the terrified mechanic?

    Coronation Street star addresses new storyline after death on soap [INTERVIEW]
    EastEnders spoilers: Will Chantelle tell Kheerat about husband abuse? [SPOILERS]
    Tiger King: How did Howard Baskin and Carole Baskin meet? [THEORY]

    To make matters worse, Cain and Billy are being used as decoys to make sure the shipment goes smoothly.

    But as they’re distracting the police and keeping them busy while Will does his thing, will there be more to the story?

    Will has happily rolled over for the corrupt cop in the past, terrified of being locked up again.

    But after Cain and Billy’s attempt to entrap the detective with his own dodgy dealings, could Malone be plotting their downfall?


    • Emmerdale spoilers: Paul Ashdale’s reason for hiding identity revealed

    One possible theory could be that Will’s role in the job is the one that gets him off scot-free.

    It’s in Malone’s best interest for Will to move the drugs as quickly as possible, so will he have Cain and Billy caught for something else in the meantime?

    And does Will partake in his dastardly plan?

    Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.

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