Aaron Carter Explains Why He Got Face Tattoos

Aaron Carter is explaining a bit about why he decided to get face tattoos, one of which includes the name “Melanie,” the name of his ex Melanie Martin who is reportedly pregnant with his child.

When asked about the “Melanie” tattoo, Aaron threw shade, telling the Hollywood Raw Podcast, “That says ‘mistake,’ that’s not Melanie. I’m getting blown up every single second right now while I’m on with you guys from her saying please give me another chance. blah blah blah.”

He then explained why he likes getting face tattoos, saying, “I got tattoos to make me look tough because I was so scrawny as a defense mechanism. The medusa on my face means ‘Don’t look at me the wrong way or this bitch is going to turn you into stone.’ Stop click-baiting me.”

“You know what, I’ve always talked about getting face tattoos and honestly I always get tattoos knowing the intention that I can get them removed if I want,” he continued. “They’re not permanent like everyone says…My tattoos, they started off because I was such a little kid, a scrawny little kid. I started getting tattoos all over me to make me look like I’m tough so people wouldn’t mess with me. And they stopped.”

He added, “This is my body, my life, my choices.”

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