Alesha Dixon hints at plans for a third child as she admits she misses being pregnant

Alesha Dixon has opened up about her thoughts around having a third child, months after giving birth to daughter Anaya.

The 41 year old mum of two confessed there are days when she misses being pregnant in a candid chat with Giovanna Fletcher on her podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby.

Alesha has daughters Azura, six, and Anaya, eight months, with husband Azuka Ononye.

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But, she revealed she’s considered expanding her brood as she said: “Why wouldn't I want another baby? I have days when I say absolutely no way, two is great, this is manageable.

“Then I have other days where the joy and the love… That's what you're constantly at battle with because you think why wouldn't I want another baby, they're amazing and then another day where you're like I'm going to pull my hair out and I'm going to go crazy, absolutely not, no way!”

Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha also admitted there are times when she misses being pregnant.

She said: “I've had that feeling of: 'Am I never going to be pregnant again? Am I never going to breastfeed again?’

“And that in itself is quite a sad feeling because I don't want that part to end in my life because it's so beautiful then there's the other voice that says: ‘Well you've experienced it in all its glory so just chill’.”

Alesha gave a pleasant surprise to fans when she revealed she was pregnant with her second child on last year’s BGT.

And she recently revealed she had kept her pregnancy a secret from friends and family for six months and didn’t break the news until shortly before the BGT episode aired.

She told Giovanna in her podcast: “I don’t want to say 'I’m pregnant' when people don’t even know I’m in a relationship and then distract from the show.

“And, in my mind, I was like let’s just finish the show so that it can have its moment without any pregnancy malarkey and then we can announce that we’re pregnant.

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“And that’s pretty much what we did. The live show wrapped and I went down to Cornwall with my family, told all of them.”

Alesha said that she had a “good seamstress” that helped her hide the bump until she was ready to make the announcement, but later joked that the “bill for the tailor that year was quit high”.

While the mum-of-two and her other half were comfortable with their choice to keep the news private, not everyone in Alesha's life was happy about about being told so late in her pregnancy as her grandmother was "furious".

The TV judge said: “My Mum knew, Bernadette who works with me, she knew, and a close friend knew but yeah, I kept it quiet.”

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