‘American Chopper’ Special Preview: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Don’t See Eye-To-Eye About Their Custom Bike

Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. are reuniting to build their first custom bike together in over 10 years. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the ‘American Chopper’ special, the father and son don’t agree about the design of the bike.

“This is the first time in history that PJD and OCC have come together for one client,” Paul Teutul Jr. says. in our EXCLUSIVE preview of American Chopper: One Last Ride, which airs June 9 on Discovery Channel. “So whatever differences we have should have nothing to do with how well we represent this client.” The client is ABC, a roofing and siding company that has asked them to build a bike. Paul Sr. has come up with a final design and shows it to his OCC crew and PJD.

Paul Sr. explains the design and what he wants people to work on. Paul Jr. chimes in and doesn’t agree with his father’s design. “So what I’m seeing here on every page isn’t matching up with what I see here from a branding standpoint,” Paul Jr. explains. “We’re building a bike, two companies are coming together, I feel like it’s got to be something inspiring and not just everybody just put this up there and let’s just start building that. That’s just how I feel. Could we maybe change the entire bike?”

In the special, world-class motorcycle builders Paul Sr., owner of Orange County Choppers, and Paul Jr., owner of Paul Jr. Designs, find out that the original Orange County Choppers building is going to be torn down. They revisit the shop to pick up a few items that were left behind and reminisce on the past. Overcome by the history of the building, Paul Jr. jumps on the opportunity to ask his dad to build a bike together. Paul Sr. agrees to the build and the two set out to work on a custom chopper for one of the largest distributors of exterior and interior building products.

But complications arise between the father-son duo as they get to work on creating a one-of-a-kind chopper. Will Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. be able to put the past behind them and finally move forward? Time will tell. The 2-hour special, American Chopper: One Last Ridewill air June 9 at 9 p.m. In addition to watching the special on Discovery, viewers can check out past episodes of American Chopper on the Discovery GO app.

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