Anne Hegerty: The Chase star corrects fans after they mistake brother for ‘harsh’ troll

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Anne Hegerty, 60, may be a quiz genius but she isn’t impartial to a little sibling rivalry every now and again. No matter how harsh the comments may be.

I am being burned by my little brother

Anne Hegerty

But this time, her brother Jon’s playful remark put him in hot water with many fans of The Chase star.

Replying to her co-star Paul Sinha’s video of him hoola-hooping around the garden as he battles Parkinson’s disease, Anne was nothing but supportive.

Paul posted the video on Twitter with the caption: “F**k Parkinson’s.”

Anne, who suffers with Asperger syndrome, replied: “I can’t do this and I HAVEN’T got Parkinson’s.”

The comments section soon filled up with fans full of admiration for Paul, but one comment took many by surprise.


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The sarcastic jibe read: “@paulsinha has the advantage of a waist.”

The eye-raising one-liner came from none other than her brother, but it wasn’t long before fans unleashed hell on the joker.

One snapped: “That’s a very unpleasant thing to say, trolling is unnecessary.”

Anne soon replied with a laughing face as the viewer quickly apologised once they’d figured out who Jon actually was.

“Oh he’s your brother! Oops,” they replied, embarrassed at the misunderstanding after the Beat The Chasers personality pointed out the “rare” spelling of their surname.

The fan continued: “I honestly didn’t realise! Far less common than Barker, I’ll let him off, apologies Jon!”

Anne brushed it off, clearly finding the whole debacle hilarious: “You’re not in trouble!” she laughed, as her brother revealed he’d feel the fury of her wrath instead.

Unfortunately it happened again, and another viewer took aim at poor Jon.

“Harsh and unnecessary comment,” the fan slammed.

“Don’t you have any brothers?” Anne responded, hoping they would get the gist.

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Someone else also took the chance to ambush her brother: “At least she has respect. Oh and isn’t bold unlike you.”

Others put two-and two together and realised the comments section had been turned into a battlefield as the war of the siblings commenced.

“Typical brother comment!” one laughed.

Another joked: “The disrespect!”

“I’m glad my siblings aren’t on tele so I can still be mean to them without getting into serious trouble,” a third giggled.


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In the end, the explanations were too much and she had to publicly announce that she was “being burned” by her younger brother.

Anne has become somewhat of a national treasure, after her hilarious witticisms on the ITV game show sprung her into the spotlight.

She took part in I’m A Celebrity in 2018 and it seems viewers have become very protective of her.

During the series, the TV regulator Ofcom were “inundated with complaints” from “guilty” viewers, after she suffered a “freakout” and quit a Bushtucker Trail.

But we’re sure The Governess is more than capable of standing her ground when it comes to trolls who don’t run in the family!

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