Ansel Elgort Drags A Harry Styles Fan On Twitter: ‘People Are Legitimately Crazy’

The ‘Stylers’ aren’t thrilled about this one! Ansel Elgort didn’t hold back when it came his thoughts about ‘crazy’ Harry Styles’ fans on Twitter!

It seems like Ansel Elgort, 26, doesn’t quite understand the realm of rabid online fanbases! After re-tweeting a post that read, “@Harry_Styles you don’t know how happy you make me everyday. I wish I can meet you one day and hug you, follow me please? i love you!” the Divergent actor shared couldn’t resist sharing this thoughts on the post. “Ppl r legitimately crazy on this app,” he wrote back on Wednesday, May 6.

“I mean it’s harry styles,” another fan tried to reason. “He’s [sic] not even on here,” the New York native then tweeted, adding, “Why [does] everyone think crazy is bad?” To clarify, the former One Direction member is actually on Twitter with a verified account, however, the majority of the posts appear to be by his team to promote his music or make announcements. The reaction was an odd one from Ansel, who rose to fame as part of the post-apocalyptic Divergent films, based on a popular series of young adult fiction books. The movie, which was followed by sequels Insurgent and Allegiant, were well-known for having a rabid teen fanbase of their own! “i used to use twitter to follow stans,” the actor then admitted in a follow-up post.

Ansel made his return to Twitter on May 5, taking a nearly two-year break from the social-media platform (prior to May 5, his last post was from 2018). It’s unclear what prompted the Fault In Our Stars actor to get back online, but we’re guessing that he might be bored in quarantine. Fan reaction to Ansel’s savage tweet quickly made the moment viral, with some hilarious responses! “WHY DID ANSEL ELGORT HAVE TO DESTROY THIS PERSON LIKE THAT LMAOOO” user @FINELINEDANA posted.

“imagine minding your business and suddenly getting dragged by ansel elgort for breathing,”
@hsvintagecurls hilariously wrote. Seriously, though! “if i wasn’t an ansel elgort stan yes i am now,” Twitter user @herorhatecrime quipped.

Shortly after the shocking Harry Styles comment, Ansel appeared to reveal that he was a stan himself for none other than Billie Eilish, 18! “can u tell your only stans to stream this?” Billie fan @xannyvault begged, including an amazing video of the singer performing “8” off her latest album when we all fall asleep, where do we go? Retweeting the video, Ansel declared, “god i love her.” We guess Ansel’s the ultimate stan himself?

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