Asian Doll Issues Apology After Defending Her Support for Donald Trump

The female emcee first lands in hot water after she takes to her Twitter account to voice her support for the current POTUS, ‘I rather trump be the president then that other dude fasho.’

AceShowbizAsian Doll created a buzz on social media on Monday, October 12, but not in a good way. The rapper landed herself in hot water after she took to her Twitter account to voice her support for Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden like what most black influencers did.

She said on the micro-blogging site, “I rather trump be the president then that other dude fasho.” Even though Doll later deleted her tweet, people had already taken screenshots of her post and re-shared it online, prompting massive backlash coming her way. Still, it didn’t make her feel sorry as she got on the defense and even cussed people out on a livestream.

“I f**k with the ni**a Trump because the n***a giving out a lot of money right now,” she said during her livestream session on Instagram. “It made me think, ’cause I get my money a different way… I be around a lot of people who get their money a different way too and they is up.” Firing back at those who criticized her political choice, she added, “Suck my d**k. I’m not tryna please nobody. I swear to God bro, I’m not changing who I am.”

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Later on, Doll explained that it doesn’t matter who people vote for in the end because Trump and Biden are both white. “We have two white presidents at the end of the day and one finna win,” she pointed out. “And guess what? It’s gonna be a white one.”

Her explanation only backfired on her. “not asian doll using her platform fi support trump so the scammers dem can keep hitting that unemployment fraud.” one said. “We got two white presidents? Girl what? If ‘I wanna be smart so bad’ was a person,” another criticized her.

In the end, she issued an apology on her Twitter account. “If you rock with me & I offended you I’m sorry I only care if I hurt people who genuine love me fr. I was having a high conversation & tweeted about it VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT EVERY VOTE COUNTS,” she wrote.

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