Barack Obama Skewers Herschel Walker as Unqualified at Georgia Rally

Barack Obama was in full-blown stand-up comedy mode Friday night in Georgia — where he skewered Herschel Walker as wholly unqualified for the Senate … among other occupations.

The ex-Prez was stumping for Rev. Raphael Warnock — who’s running to maintain his Senate seat in a highly contested race — when he started to lay out comparisons between the current Senator and Walker … going on to crack jokes at the latter’s expense.

Watch … BO admits Walker was a football great once upon a time, but says that alone doesn’t mean he should be considered for jobs he has no experience in — stuff like flying an airplane or surgery — and that common sense people would ask those basic questions.

Barack hilariously compares the sitch to him being hypothetically tapped to be a running back … something he says he absolutely would be terrible at, and that no one would want him doing. In the same vein, he says HW shouldn’t be taken seriously as a would-be Senator.

Walker’s now-infamous badge moment during the debate was also poked at by 44 — with Barack likening it to playing cops and robbers. The crowd was busting up at his jokes.

For his part, Walker didn’t find it funny … but did fire back at the former President in his own campaign speech Saturday. He insisted he wasn’t a celebrity, but rather … a “warrior for God.” Walker also went on to say Obama’s been absent while he’s been on the front lines.

HW listed a bunch of issues he says he’s fighting for in his bid to make it to the Senate — saying he’d be a leader in Washington with guts. Election day is less than 2 weeks away.

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