Bella Hadid Ditched Her Bra and All the Buttons on Her Blouse for a Zoom Call

Bella Hadid may have a net worth of $25 million and a legion of devoted fans, but deep down, she’s just like us. LOL, I’m kidding, she is not, but she does understand the quarantine style rule that has dictated the last eight months of my life: NO BRAS ALLOWED.

The 24-year-old model shared screenshots of her “9am zoom” meeting (which was actually a virtual panel for Vogue’s Forces of Fashion — so again, cannot relate). In the photos, Hadid poses in an open jacket and patterned blouse, which has been left fully unbuttoned, no bra in sight. She accessorized with a gold chain and a stack of beaded bracelets, a tiny braid (the kind you weave when you’re mindlessly watching TV) framing her face.

Admittedly, this style might be a stretch for most corporate Zoom calls — but add a couple of buttons and you and Bella can both live out your wealthy-supermodel-on-a-video-call-with-Vogue dreams. 

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