Bella Hadid gave herself long quarantine bangs: love them or hate them?

I’ve said this many times, but Bella Hadid is by FAR my favorite of the nepotism models. Bella just has a great editorial look and a great runway look. I know some will argue that Bella’s had a ton of plastic surgery (nose job for sure), but I still like her as a model and a celebrity. I think she’s got a fun energy and she’s not trying to convince people that her life is so hard. Bella has been in lockdown in what looks like her little horse-ranch? She’s been able to go riding and from what I can see of the interior design of her place, it’s very woodsy/ranch vibes.

Bella was also one of the early quarantiners – she’s been in lockdown for more than a month, and like everybody else, she’s going a little bit stir-crazy. And like so many of us, she’s struggling with the lack of professional haircare. Bella decided to give herself bangs, and then she gave Leah bangs. We are now in the “f–k it, I’ll give myself bangs” phase of quarantine, aka The Worst Part. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Do not ever try bangs, people!

Honestly though, Bella is one of those (rare!) women who look fine with bangs. If anything, the bangs make her face look more proportional and they give her a more kittenish vibe. While I appreciate the fact that Bella didn’t go super-thick with the fringe, I do think she went “too long.” When your bangs hit your eyelashes, that’s too long. And the piece-y longer fringe around her face is bad too. That being said, I think that all of us cutting our own hair during the lockdown should aim for “too long.” Don’t cut too much, don’t do anything drastic!

Photos courtesy of Bella’s Instagram.

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