Bella Hadid Got Two Brand New Shoulder Tattoos with the Sweetest Meanings

Bella Hadid just added to her tiny tattoo collection with some beautiful new shoulder ink. The new tattoos were designed by celeb-loved artist Dr. Woo, and Us Weekly reports that they say “I love you” and “my love” in Arabic.

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So. Pretty.

FYI, Bella also has a teeny rose on her arm….

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As well as angel wings on her ankles that are believed to be a tribute to her time as a casual Victoria’s Secret Angel.

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Per Us Weekly, Dr. Woo recently opened up about his process—saying he uses Adobe Document Cloud to create his designs: “Five years ago, I’d have to manually scan an idea and wait for someone to get to their computer, check their email, and get back to me with their thoughts. When everyone is on the same page, it makes communicating a breeze and keeps people inspired.”

He added, “I’m very drawn to design and architects and how they utilize negative space. The culinary field actually really inspires me. It is so expansive and experimental. It reminds me to keep trying new things in my craft.”

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