Big Sean Admits He Doesn’t Feel Equal or Free As a Black Man in America in Emotional Video

Big Sean is opening up in a new video about how he really feels about being a black man in America.

The 32-year-old “Single Again” musician got candid in the video he shared to Instagram in response to the protests going on around the nation, following the senseless murders of countless other Black people including Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

“Clearly we got the whole world’s attention, obviously,” he said. “And justice has to be served. Period. And if it’s not, I don’t think things are going to change or get better.”

Sean continued, “I know I been protesting, I know a lot of us been out on the streets protesting, and it’s been a lot of unity, but I also see a lot of people with ulterior motives that look like undercover cops. I don’t know if they are undercover cops, but like, you know, starting a lot of the conflict, a lot of the issues. And we’ve all seen places where they’ve got them bricks conveniently located to wreak havoc, and I don’t know what the ulterior motive is.”

“I don’t know if it’s to make us look like we wild beasts or don’t have control, but we clearly are not wild beasts. We’re extraordinary, talented magical people that if you took us out of the equation, the world would be very, very bland.”

Sean added that he doesn’t “feel equal and I don’t feel free. Of course let’s speak up and be heard, but things have to change.”

See a full list of resources that you can contribute to for Black Lives Matter.

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