Big Sean Reveals Most Romantic Thing He Ever Did for Jhene Aiko

Big Sean is opening up about celebrating his anniversary with Jhene Aiko!

During a new interview with Montreality, the 32-year-old rapper revealed the most romantic thing he ever did for Jhene, also 32, on their anniversary.

“I really planned out the whole day,” Sean said. “I remember I anticipated everything that she wanted to do, that she was gonna wanna eat, and I did it.”

First, Sean took Jhene to the beach and showered with roses and gifts. The couple then returned to his house before telling her they had dinner reservations.

Jhene had requested a specific date for the night, and Sean was one step ahead of her by surprising her with the chef already at his house preparing the meal.

“The fact that I already knew that’s what she was gonna wanna eat,” Sean continued. “And we walked in my house and we had a private chef make this special dish that she literally said she wanted in that moment.”

Sean had the house all set up for their romantic evening with rose petals scattered up the stairs leading to their private dinner on his balcony.

“That was a real big surprise,” Sean shared. “That was a fun, fun time.”

If you didn’t know, Sean and Jhene have been dating on and off since 2016.

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