Boulder musician goes viral playing banjo for a fox

A Boulder musician is going viral after forming the unlikeliest bond between man and animal.

“Oh, the comments are my favorite part, that…I’m the hillbilly Snow White.”

Andy Thorn, a banjo player in the famous Colorado jam-band Leftover Salmon, has gone viral on Reddit and Instagram for his newest super fan, Foxy.

Foxy, as in, a literal fox.

“So I was always playing banjo on the deck, right there. And one day, he just sort of stopped and checked out the banjo music a little bit,” said Thorn, from his home in Boulder Heights. “Whenever he’d come by, you know, I’d be playing out there and we’d just hang out with the fox. So those first few months of the pandemic, we joked that he was the only friend we were allowed to hang out with.”

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