Chrissy Teigen Condemned Politicians Who “Put a Target on Asian People’s Backs”

Chrissy Teigen spoke out against anti-Asian racism amid the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in the U.S., among them last week’s shootings in the Atlanta area that left eight dead, six of them Asian women. During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Teigen condemned the politicians who referred to COVID-19 as “the China virus”—a phrase repeatedly used by Donald Trump, among many others—saying they “put a target on Asian people’s backs.” She also called for viewers to support the Asian American community, encouraging them to donate to the organizations 18 Million Rising and Stop AAPI Hate.

Teigen addressed the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, saying, “I think we just came out of a long line of politicians that put a target on Asian people’s backs by calling it ‘the China virus.'” She continued, “I automatically think of when my mom’s without me, how do people look at her? How do people treat her? A lot of mothers and fathers are being targeted around the country and it’s so obvious to me what the motive is. It doesn’t seem to be obvious to the politicians out there that are saying, ‘We’re not quite sure of the motive.’ But I think we know what it is.”

“If people can just reach out in any way to support the Asian American community, AAPI in general,” Teigen urged viewers. “There’s Stop AAPI Hate, which is a wonderful organization to donate to, and an organization called 18 Million Rising is really incredible.” She added, “It’s little things like supporting Asian-owned businesses around you, supporting your local Chinatown.”

Last month, Teigen shared a series of resources about anti-Asian racism on Instagram, created by @kimsaira and @annie_wu_22 . “As you’ve heard, Asian Americans have seen a huge spike in hate crimes since the start of COVID—it didn’t help that the piece of shit called it the China Virus any chance he could but I digress. @kimsaira and @annie_wu_22 have put together some amazing info,” Teigen captioned her first post, comprising information about anti-Asian racism and hate crimes.

“thank you, @kimsaira and @annie_wu_22. I am proud to be Asian American. Always,” Teigen captioned her second post, which addressed allyship and ways to help Asian Americans combat anti-Asian racism.

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